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Time flies!

Time flies!

I can’t believe it’s bee two weeks since I visited my blog! Well, you know what they say – time flies when you’re having fun…

A little update:

November is here. 

I have a small obsession about leaves right now. The color, the shape, the texture…

My first school assignment is done. I haven’t got my feedback yet. Kind of nervous. I handled the nervous energy as I always do – turned it into something creative.

And I soon found out I needed dividers in my yellow “Happy book”. Fixed it myself!

And I got water! Running water, hot and cold! I’m in heaven…

Maybe the most important thing: my neighbor cut the grass. We now have no less than THREE big fields to train on. Niiiiice!

Oh, by the way: even if this blog has been silent, my Instagram is very much alive. I have three main accounts:

TheCreativeKelpie  if you’re all about planner stuff

KelpiePhotography if you like dog photos

and the brand new Kelpie.asa if you want to follow my life in general.

I’ve even learned to use Stories… πŸ˜€

Tuesday training

Tuesday training

I try to blog twice a week – Tuesday and Friday (well, give or take a day). Fridays will be kept “holy” for dog training planning, but Tuesday will be open for anything!

And today, “anything” is my new training BuJo. 

“Why a new planner, don’t you like your Filofax anymore?” I hear you ask. And I LOOOVE my Filofax! But. I soon found out that I want to keep all of my old plans and spreads, to be able to compare and use ideas again. And the poor Filofax got a bit…well, fat, actually. So this is the solution!

And what does it look like on the inside? Let’s see!

I took all my favorite spreads from my Filofax and redid them, just a little bit better. My measures every week, ad a quote to remind me to compare only with myself.

My weight journey, with reward stops.

I did a step tracker! I proudly stole the idea from Youtube. This is how far it is from Bag End to Lonely Mountain – the journey from Tolkiens “The Hobbit” that I read for the first time when I was eight and have loved ever since. Of course, someone did the math: they walked 1560 km. One square equals 7000 steps, and I count my steps as one meter (they’re actually more close to 1.20, but it was easier to count that way…) How long will the journey take me?

The September trackers. I really like them, and kept them as they were.

And the weekly. A simple one this time.

And there you have it – my self-care is back on track!

Oh, and another thing. You’ve noticed my new shop right here on this site, right? I put in two freebies for you, one in English and one in Swedish. Enjoy!

Vacation is over – goodbye summer, welcome fall!

Vacation is over – goodbye summer, welcome fall!

I’ve been fully back at work for three days, and I feel that this fall is going to be so much fun! I have a lot of projects and new collaborations cooking πŸ™‚

But first: let’s have a look at what happens in my journal as August leaves her place for September:

I’m changing my social media tracker, to be able to see what part of my business is more busy and when. I’m not sure this will do the trick, but it’s worth a try.
A new memories-page, to highlight what’s been going on in my life. I really like the overview of september so far! Easy to get a quick look at when I’m free and what needs to be done.
These are pages I needed but didn’t have for August, so I added them after awhile. This month they’re there from the start. Let’s see if I use them!
I’m keeping my weekly layout for another month, they work really well and are very versatile.
My current project-page. Some new will be added, and some will be done. Hopefully I will need to redo this page soon. That’s a good thing – it means that my projects are moving forward!

September: I’m ready! Bring it!

Goodbye July, welcome August

Goodbye July, welcome August

This last day of July is a perfect day to review the month. I’m changing my layout a bit, and as July has been a good month it feels like a good idea to finish it off with a memory page.

I need a master task list and a list of good ideas that I want to think about.

August is vacation month. My bucket list is as important as my “must-do” list, to keep me sane. All work and no play makes Γ…sa a dull girl…

A monthly overview, to quickly see what goes when.

And I added a Future Log over this autumn. I looove my Filofax – this is now my second page in my notebook πŸ™‚

My weekly spreads will continue to look like this for some time. I have gotten used to the horizontal layout, and it works well!

I’ve got so many fun projects planned! This is turning out to be a GOOD year πŸ™‚


Why all the stickers?

Why all the stickers?

The last month or so I’ve gone completely sticker-mad. I think it’s because it’s so hot right now, my mind is set on “low energy”. My brain just loves shapes and colors, and this way I can get that without more creativity involved than choosing the right sticker, peel it off, and put in in the right place. It’s a little bit like making a collage. I find extremely relaxing.

In order to suit summertime lazy days, I’ve changed my weekly design. It’s horizontal, three boxes each day, and the last three boxes are for the week’s projects.


  • I no longer have my hour schedule, and that is actually a bit of a problem that I will have to solve for next week.
  • It feels a bit…messy. Or maybe I just need to get used to this layout. 


  • My stickers fit perfectly.
  • the extra box gives room for whatever – memories, gratitude, quotes, pictures, doodles.
  • I use every last bit of the paper. Somehow that feels good.
  • I like the overall look.

I’ll just stick with it for a few weeks and make minor changes, and see where I end up!

Stickers have also made my self-care spreads easier. This is my fifth week of eating better and moving more, and it feels really good!

To plan dinners ahead of time instead of in the store makes it easier to choose healthy (or adjust the rest of the meals if I want to eat at McDonald’s). I looked at the statistics, and I have increased my steps with 1/3 since I started to track them. This week I added “veg of the day” (it can be a fruit), to start eating more greens. I also count my calorie intake, at that has stopped my evening snacks. I’m on my way to a healthier me!

My out’n out training gets a spread of its own. Three sessions every week with cardio or strength, during my dog walk. This is my third week going, and I’m starting to notice the change! It feels GOOD!

I discovered early that I more willingly look at a spread that is colorful and fun. That means that the stickers actually help me get things done!

My favorites are (and I get NO benefits from the companies for writing this):

Fitness stickers from Me & my big ideas

Planner basics from Me & my big ideas

This colorful life from Me & my big ideas

Natural history from Pepin

Weekly planner stickers 

And there are about a million others…

Bullet journal in a Filofax continued

Bullet journal in a Filofax continued

After trying my Filofax for a few weeks, I find myself adding little bits to it. It’s so practical!

for this week, I used a template and printed.

Next section is my master task list, that has moved out of its notebook and into here. super-easy to change places and just take out finished projects.

And also super-easy to add pages! This is the planning of my online dog parkour class (swedish). I needed some more space – I added an extra page.

In section nr 3 I keep my photography clients, and I have a diagram that makes sure I remember everything in my workflow.

Section 4: dog training! I’m going to try everything in one book! Let’s see how it goes…:D

My weekly plan

List of criteria for each thing I want to train

And today’s training.

Templates from my Creative Kelpie shop, GlΓ€djeklick for Swedish and Etsy for English version.

When I have much to do and don’t want to think, I find that the printables are a life saver…When I designed them my mind actually worked! πŸ™‚

I’ll keep you posted on how it works out, what I invent, what I change. And if I get bored…



Moving into a Filofax

Moving into a Filofax

There are two reasons to why I decided to leave my Rhodia only halfway through and start a new Filofax.

  1. I get bored and want to try new things.
  2. The idea of movable pages spoke to me! I love my weekly layout and seldom change it – I could make a template and print it! And save a lot of time!

Said and done. Meet my new companion!

I planned to start next week, with June, and made a nice layout:

I especially like the “feel good list of tasks”. Still in the middle of moving, and I need to do something FUN besides cleaning and fixing things…

But I couldn’t stop…A week later, it looks like this:

I think this one is a keeper! Until next time I get bored…:D

Tweaking my weekly spread, and welcome May!

Tweaking my weekly spread, and welcome May!

I have one BuJo for my everyday life, and one for my dog training. This is great because it makes it easy to follow my training. This is stupid, because it makes it harder to incorporate my dog training into my everyday life. So I made a small tweak in my weekly spread, in order to make the two worlds meet a bit better:

It’s not a big thing, I just added my top three training priorities into my weekly, but hopefully it will make a big difference. Just having to think about how I make time for dog training, and what is the most important thing this week, is good for me. I think. I’ll try it out and get back to you πŸ™‚

And May is close! I did some therapy work with a roll of washi last night:

I like how it turned out! But it’s probably a one-hit-wonder, all that cutting…

May is going to be all about buying and selling houses – we’re moving! Lots of things to do, and to not forget. A good project page is really helpful for my poor brain:

I think I may need more pages…let’s see!



I’m always trying to improve the way my Bullet Journal setup works, to help my brain stay focused. As I review my spreads it’s clear that I like to work with “projects” where I can easily see the big picture, instead of just making a planner. I have loads of projects going on, and I need to make sure I put my effort where it’s best needed (as I don’t have unlimited time…)

So, after giving it a lot of thought, I’m going to set up a new notebook just for projects. It will include (to start with):

  • “One day”-list (I will do this, but not right now)
  • “Someday maybe”-list (Interesting idea, let’s give it some time)
  • Master project plan (list of projects)
  • Project pages with task lists and timelines.

 That way I hope I can easily see what I need to focus on, when I have my deadlines, and what I don’t have to do right now. I think (hope?) it will make it easier for me to prioritize and work effectively with the right things. When I plan my week in my planner-BuJo I can easily see what need to be done when, and make my weekly and daily task lists with that in mind.

Just another way to make sure nothing falls through the cracks in my mind and everything gets done on time with as little effort as possible,

And…it gave me an opportunity to order a new notebook! Maybe, just maybe, this whole idea is just a way to get an excuse to shop. Let’s see where it leads!

And to make this blog post a bit more fun: here’s a puppypic!


Keep it simple!

Keep it simple!

These past months I have been lucky enough to have been invited to talk about planning, setting goals, and Bullet Journaling. It’s been so much fun meeting interested people, and to get payed to talk about stuff I am passionate about? A dream come true πŸ™‚

Something I often encounter, both in real life but even more online, is that people find themselves putting more time on planning, writing and drawing than actually training their dog. Is that a problem? If you have lots of time and like to draw and plan more than you like to train your dog or do other stuff – no. Of course not. But: if you feel that you are reluctant to pick up your BuJo because it will take forever to make something, or feel the pressure to do perfect stuff, then yes. It actually is a problem.

I started my BuJo as a help for my everyday life, to get structure and just get things done. I quickly saw the benefits for dog training, and started experimenting with that. And lately I have added an Art Journal (it’s actually still empty…) The main reason for my BuJoing is that it’s a fantastic planning tool. It helps me.

One of the big reasons why it works so well for me, is the simplicity and the adaptability. I do what I need, when I need it. If I have the time and want to doodle – I doodle. If not – I don’t. It’s MY planner, MY life, and I can do whatever I want!

So when I get caught up in thinking “I need it to be pretty, I don’t have the time…” I say to my self:


I don’t mean the rockband, or that I should kiss my dog (nice), or the swedish word (it means “pee” in swedish). I mean


And that helps! It helps in a lot of different areas of my life. Just…keep it simple. And yes, I get to call myself stupid when I act stupid.

My BuJo is a reflection of my life. Let me show you a few different weekly layouts, I think you will see what I mean:

Not a lot of time. Some lines and a strip of washi. I missed my daily schedule, so I changed the layout.

Bored. This one took me an hour, the drawing most of the time (the photo doesn’t make it justice).

No time, but found a layout that really worked well. Time to make the spread: 5 minutes.

Refined it a bit. Really like this one. Solved the space-problem with an extra to-do list. Some stickers are always nice. Time to make: 15 minutes.

Next week, same layout. Easier this time as I just copied everything. Time to make: 10 minutes.

Simple. What I need – no more, no less. Works really well for now.

Maybe next week I’ll have different needs, or just get bored, or want to make something big and elaborate, and if I do I just change it. 

More simple stuff: my plan for April. Not May, as I wrote at first (as you can see…). What do I need? A master plan list and a day-by-day overview. I even had room for a quote and some stickers!

Maybe that’s something to remember? When you get stuck, think KISS. Or maybe just KIS, if you want to be even nicer to yourself πŸ˜‰ Keep. It. Simple.