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Create something every day

Create something every day

Yesterday, I had a short workshop in the Family Corner at Falsterbo Horse Show on how to draw animals. My audience, two girls, asked me the best way to improve. My answer is simple: practice! And not only what you already know, new things that you haven’t tried before! Create something new every day. Big or small. With whatever tools you like.

I tend to use my camera, or just doodle something, and to help myself think in new ways I joined the Boho Berry Challenge this month. I have already shown some of my work on Instagram and FB, but wanted to just give an idea of how my mind works and how I thought about some of the challenges so far:

It would be easy to show a selection of the tools I use, pens, colors, stickers, and so on. But as I thought about it, I realized that this is the real truth.
I love ferns, I love green, I love patterns, and I love simplicity.
These two figures came to me last year, and they are supposed to be me and Midori. I really like them, they are easy to draw and to give different expressions. My style.
I thought about picking some flowers and glue on to the “nature” page, but I don’t do that normally. So I drew some of my favorite shapes instead: Poppy, butterfly and some kind of seed (maybe barley?) I actually love the whale. Something blue immediately got my mind into the water, and to me, blue symbolizes freedom and loneliness as well.
I’ve moved almost all my watercolors to my new house but had two small sets left. I love to use watercolor!
And some of my handwriting. Read the quote. Think about it.

Now go out, and create something today!

Art exhibition, hammerhead shark, and rally obedience competition!

Art exhibition, hammerhead shark, and rally obedience competition!

I’ve done a lot this easter, but I haven’t felt busy or stressed – on the contrary, I’ve had time to try new things. Like drawing sea animals and color them with watercolor pencils. Let’s start there:


This hammer head shark is part of a series, and you can see them as I make them on my Instagram @artbytck .

Easter has been about more art than my drawings: I’vr been part of an art exhibition at my dog club. Four artists, four days! Here is some of my work:

The photos to the left are mine.

In the south of Sweden it’s a tradition to show art during easter, and it’s a lot of fun driving around and visit studios and artists. It’s been a dream of mine to show my work during easter for a long time, and finally it’s happened!

You can see all of the artwork in this movie:

And last, but not least, we have competed. The Princess and I defied the snow and the cold, and we both did really well! The first rally-competition in a long time, and it was very nice to see that some of the things we have been training really worked!

This was my goals and my training plan up to the day:

As you can see, we stuck to my plan until the very end, and it worked. Safety goal – no problems. Realistic goal – almost! I put my feet wrong in one place, and she moved just a little in the stand, but SO MUCH BETTER than it used to be! We’re on the right track 🙂

My evaluation: what worked well, what do we need to train more, and what was the best things. On the opposite side the course and the critique. She did so many moments beautifully, she was happy, she was quiet!

Note to self: do not keep her dummy for retrieving in the same pocket I keep the tug-toy. Misunderstanding is easy…:D

And I’ve planned our starts for this year, and made a plan for next competition (obedience).

A bit late, but still: happy after-easter everyone!


Celebrating my birthday with a new Travelers notebook!

Celebrating my birthday with a new Travelers notebook!

Actually, my birthday is tomorrow, but Friday is blog day so…Here goes!

I got my present from my mother a few days ago, a beautiful travelers notebook cover from Cesare leathers on Etsy. I know leather, and it’s always risky to order a leather product I haven’t been able to touch – but this one is perfect! Thick leather of top quality, beautifully made.

This is my setup for my everyday life:

And if you want to see how I made the cover of the art journal insert this morning, here is a speed version:




I believe that you need to interact with others to grow as a person. You need feedback, tips, suggestions, inspiration. That’s why there now exists an FB-group for those of us that love Bullet Journal and dog training!

Join in! You will find it HERE! Tell your friends, and let’s build a community of dog trainers that bullet journal!

We start small, but I really believe that we can share and learn from each other, and I think there is a need for a place where we can meet. Let’s see if I’m right!

And here’s a cute drawing of a dog, just to make your effort of reading this worthwhile 🙂

DIY insert for Midori Travelers Notebook

DIY insert for Midori Travelers Notebook

As you know, I love my Midori (both my dog and my traveller’s notebook, but for now I’m going to focus on the TN). There has been only one problem: finding the right insert. Midori’s own inserts are very nice, but they don’t have dot grid that I love working with. I have tried a few places online, but it just wasn’t, you know, right!

I tend to use fountain pens a lot, and I want absolutely no feathering or bleeding. Ghosting I don’t mind. The best paper I have tried is Rhodia dotbook. I love the smoothness!

I also like to make my own designs, and watercolour wet on wet is just…beautiful!

So, I decided to try and make my own insert! Cover with watercolour paper, Rhodia paper on the inside. How hard can it be? Not hard at all, it turned out!

  1. Make the cover. that was fun! Wet on wet, lots of colours, and I added splashes of water to get the pattern.
  2. Cut my papers to the right size. I had to fold them first, to make sure it would look right folded (papers in the middle need to be a bit smaller than the ones at the start and finish!). I made the cover slightly bigger.
  3. I don’t do machines, I’m a bit scared of them. So, I persuaded my husband to drill some holes through what was going to be the spine. Then I used some thick sowing thread and just sewed the papers together. Easy!
  4. The last step was to write “The Creative Kelpie” with a fineliner.
  5. Done!

I have already put it to use, it’s my social media insert where I try to plan and keep track of everything I put out there…

And I put together a small film to show off! (Can you tell I’m kind of proud…?)!

And don’t forget to subscribe to my brand new youtube channel!


Review Kuretake Gansai Tambi water colours and starry colours

Review Kuretake Gansai Tambi water colours and starry colours

I have taken up painting with watercolours, and absolutely love it! I can’t remember it being this fun, or actually kind of easy…But maybe that has something to do with the paints and brushes I’m using. (Or the fact that I’m a lot nicer to myself now than I used to be, I no longer need to be perfect 🙂 )

Before buying the first paints I could find (like I normally do), I did my research this time. I wanted colours with lots of pigment, to use with much water. I like when the paint covers the paper completely, so I had to be able to put it on very thinly. And one more thing: I wanted metallic colours to blend in as highlights.

I found the perfect match in Kuretake Gansai Tambi. Normal colours, pearly colours, and starry colours. I know that the glitter effect doesn’t show in the photos, so I tried a small film. It doesn’t do it justice – it’s even more beautiful.

The pearly ones are just as beautiful, but different colours of course.After a few tries, I knew that I like using water brushes better than ordinary brushes and water. Water brushes are filled with water, and it flows constantly. I like to use much water – perfect!

After a few tries, I knew that I like using water brushes better than ordinary brushes and water. Water brushes are filled with water, and it flows constantly. I like to use much water – perfect!

I can’t paint with only glitter, so I got the 36-set ordinary colours as well. To be honest, I think 24 or even 12 would be enough…They blend very nicely, and I can use as much or as little as I like.

This is made with one brown, one green, a touch of one blue, mustard-yellow and starry copper. And a little silver to make the “wind”. The pen is a pilot hard brush pen (my favourite!).

I use watercolours in my Leuchtturm, my Nuuna, and my Midori (as seen above) as well, but I’m careful not to use a lot of water. It looks very nice, and the pages get a bit wavy the way I like it. This painting, however, is made on an aquarelle pad, as I knew I wanted to splash a lot…

More colour in my weekly!

More colour in my weekly!

For next week I had something special I wanted to try…Two things, actually!

First: The Dutch door (or my version). A Dutch door in a BuJo is a spread with smaller pages inside the spread. Makes sense? Let me show (normally there is just one extra page, but I really wanted the whole week!):

I made my Dutch door simply by cutting the paper, and tape what was left with a strip of washi. Pretty!

Second: The colouring. I have been fascinated with my new Watercolour brush pens, and wanted to really try them! So I made a frame and then used a water-brush to make the faded effect. For some colours it was enough to use the colour from the frame I already made, for others I simply transferred colour from the coloured pen to the water-brush and added where needed. The whole squares are covered in water and paint. “How did the paper hold up?” you all ask? Excellent! Much better than expected! This is a Leuchtturm1917 and I painted on both sides (let dry between though), but there is hardly any ghosting and no bleeding. The paper gets nice and crisp and I love that “worn” feeling! I will try some different pens when I write on it, to see if there is a difference (there should be!).

The pens are easy to work with, both draw and write, and the colours are beautiful. I’ve seen them on Wish for a really good price (much cheaper than the 400 sek I paid…) I am excited to try them out!

What does your weekly spread look like? Show them on TheCreativeKelpie’s FB-page!