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Celebrating my birthday with a new Travelers notebook!

Celebrating my birthday with a new Travelers notebook!

Actually, my birthday is tomorrow, but Friday is blog day so…Here goes!

I got my present from my mother a few days ago, a beautiful travelers notebook cover from Cesare leathers on Etsy. I know leather, and it’s always risky to order a leather product I haven’t been able to touch – but this one is perfect! Thick leather of top quality, beautifully made.

This is my setup for my everyday life:

And if you want to see how I made the cover of the art journal insert this morning, here is a speed version:


Travelers notebook: Dutch door revisited and repeated. And a preview of December plans!

Travelers notebook: Dutch door revisited and repeated. And a preview of December plans!

Remember my dutch door spread two weeks ago, as an attempt to make a weekly tracker work? Well, it turned out like this:

In other words: SUCCESS! It worked really well, I had the space I need for my dailies and the tracker to remind me of the habits I want to check.

The week after that was really busy and I made a super simple spread with kind of nothing fancy at all, but this week I went for the dutch door again:

And I had to try out my new washi, of course!

As a born procrastinator this seems to be a good way for me to really keep track of when/if I do the things I THINK I do. Strangely enough, there seems to be a difference in “thinking about” and “actually doing”…

And November is my last month in this insert, I have made a new insert for dailies that will start December. I think I will have an “exotic island”-theme in December! To keep my mind off the cold.

I just love how it turned out! I made some research on how to bind it (I sewed the last one but I have troubles making the holes), and after some advice, I will not bind it at all – just keep it in place with the rubber band. Let’s see how that works!

I think this dutch door design will be perfect for planning my dog training as well. In December I will have one theme every week, actually starting Monday 27 November, so be sure to join in! There will be a blog post about it every Monday, a short film (subscribe to my youtube channel to be sure to get it!), and please join in the fun in the FB-group! If you are like me this will be a perfect opportunity to have some much needed “me and my dog-time” in December 🙂



Today is the last day of October, and the last week I have thought about a theme for November. Winter is NOT my thing, and I just couldn’t come up with anything…So I went ahead with “nothing” and made zentangles in black and white:

This is my teacher-BuJo, and I also added a monthly overview and a future plan for upcoming lessons.

Zentangles are a lot of fun! It’s a bit like meditating, and I did this in front of the TV when my mind was too filled up with impressions and needed some calming down. It worked! It’s basically different patterns that repeat themselves in different fields on the paper. I think I’m entering a “zentangle-phase”…

My Midori is a different format, and it has been something of a challenge to find a monthly spread that works well. This, however, I’m quite pleased with!

School on one side, my own business and personal life on the other. I will skip the weeklys all together, but my dailies are essential and this week is blue:

I have a feeling the next week will be zentangles…:)

If you have anything nice to say about November, please leave a comment. November is the worst month, and I need some encouragement…Oh well, it will surely pass this year too!

TOMORROW I will send out my NEWSLETTER, and I will include a small surprise…Make sure you don’t miss it, sign up below!

DIY insert for Midori Travelers Notebook

DIY insert for Midori Travelers Notebook

As you know, I love my Midori (both my dog and my traveller’s notebook, but for now I’m going to focus on the TN). There has been only one problem: finding the right insert. Midori’s own inserts are very nice, but they don’t have dot grid that I love working with. I have tried a few places online, but it just wasn’t, you know, right!

I tend to use fountain pens a lot, and I want absolutely no feathering or bleeding. Ghosting I don’t mind. The best paper I have tried is Rhodia dotbook. I love the smoothness!

I also like to make my own designs, and watercolour wet on wet is just…beautiful!

So, I decided to try and make my own insert! Cover with watercolour paper, Rhodia paper on the inside. How hard can it be? Not hard at all, it turned out!

  1. Make the cover. that was fun! Wet on wet, lots of colours, and I added splashes of water to get the pattern.
  2. Cut my papers to the right size. I had to fold them first, to make sure it would look right folded (papers in the middle need to be a bit smaller than the ones at the start and finish!). I made the cover slightly bigger.
  3. I don’t do machines, I’m a bit scared of them. So, I persuaded my husband to drill some holes through what was going to be the spine. Then I used some thick sowing thread and just sewed the papers together. Easy!
  4. The last step was to write “The Creative Kelpie” with a fineliner.
  5. Done!

I have already put it to use, it’s my social media insert where I try to plan and keep track of everything I put out there…

And I put together a small film to show off! (Can you tell I’m kind of proud…?)!

And don’t forget to subscribe to my brand new youtube channel!


Doodle time!

Doodle time!

I love to draw and sketch and doodle. And I love dogs. So…you would think I would be good at doodling dogs, right? Wrong. I’m terrible at drawing dogs in any shape or form. Or WAS, to be correct!

The last week I have challenged myself to one dog doodle every day. So far I have made ten, I and plan to keep going for…as long as it’s fun.

You can follow my training, I do get better!

As my imagination is limited, I take requests. What breed do you want me to doodle?

And the easiest way to see them all is to follow me on Instagram!

DIY bookmarks in Midori Travelers Notebook

DIY bookmarks in Midori Travelers Notebook

The Midori Travelers Notebook comes with only one bookmark, and I have discovered that I need more. Three would be great!

So I fixed that. Cheap and really easy! And while I was at it I pimped the one that was already there with a pearl 🙂

One for each important insert!

The material used is all from Panduro Hobby: thin leather band and “half-gem” pearls.

I started by tying a pearl to the bookmark that was already there, just because I think it looks pretty, and if I use different colors in the pearls it’s easy to know which one is in which insert.

Then I measured a piece of the leather band, a bit longer than two times the length of my notebook (you will need extra for the knots). I tied a pearl at one end, one knot on each side. Then I put it around the seal on the back and through the crack in the leather, and measured the length to be just right (don’t forget to add for the knots for the second pearl). And I tied the other pearl at the other end:

Voilà! All done! Functional, cheap, and pretty!

My setup for my Midori Travelers Notebook

My setup for my Midori Travelers Notebook

The day has finally arrived…I started using my TN yesterday!

A Travelers Notebook is a cover with multiple inserts, to make it easy to keep things “where they belong”. It also makes it easy to just bring along the one I want, or change whatever isn’t working. There are a LOT of brands making inserts and covers, I chose the one named after my dog: Midori.

I have given my setup a lot of thought, to figure out what I need and choose the inserts that will be useful and helpful. I find that it’s something I need to evaluate quite often – how do I use my BuJo best? What do I need? What do I want?

I designed the fronts myself, I will tell you about the pens and paints under each cover.

Let’s go!

The outside is rough leather, and it shows wear and tear in a nice way. I chose a green rubber band because I love green.

My first insert is all about fun and creative stuff. The paper is thick, and it will be interesting to see how it handles watercolors and different pens! The outside is made with black unipins and different gel pens.

Inside my first insert. In case it gets lost, I want it back…Hopefully, this helps.

I am a dailys-person! I love to take five minutes each morning and plan my day. This is made with watercolor, pearl colors from kuretake gansai tambi. Such a nice sheen! Doesn’t show in the photo, of course, so you have to take my word for it…:)

First page. A favorite quote.

And my dailys this week are minimalistic with a splash of green. Midori doesn’t do dot grids (yet), so I chose the next best thing.

Next: my weeklys. Shouldn’t they be first? Maybe…but I think this will work better for my head. Cover made with uni-ball signo broad white.

First page.

Simple monthlys to get an overview, as you can see this is a pre-printed Midori insert. I made it easy for myself, let’s see how that works out 😉

And my week at a glance.

My last insert is all about my business. Unipin and some gray with Faber-castell PITT artist brush pen.

My workflow for a photosession…

Tracker for clients and a schedule for social media…Whatever I need, really!

And a small charm for good luck!

I’ll let you know what worked well and what needs to change in a month!

Getting ready to move in to my Midori

Getting ready to move in to my Midori

Sorry for the low activity lately. I have started working, and I have a few other projects (writing a book, photographing, and some more that are secret for now…) that takes up most of my time.

But…soon order is restored, and my life goes back to “normal” (it’s never REALLY normal, but can you say more normal…?)

In the meantime I am counting down the pages is my green LT. 50 more to go…And then I can start my Midori! I have a feeling that a Travelers notebook with different inserts will suit my life perfectly 🙂 And I really, really needed a Midori…and kelpie-shaped paper clips…

And I have started decorating my inserts!

As you can see, I will have one for clients – courses, photography sessions, online classes.

And one with really nice textured watercolor paper, for everything “artsy”.

I will also use Midoris own sketchbook with tear-out papers, and their weekly spreads. And, I think, an insert for dailies and trackers and other stuff like that.

I know it’s a really small thing. But, hey, if you can be happy for small things your life will be a lot more fun 😉



Bullet Journal for dog owners – where do you start?

Bullet Journal for dog owners – where do you start?

I’ll kick this blog off with a copy of my KelpiePhoto-post. Sorry if you have already read it, but I think it makes a good start.

When I do things I have a tendency to overdo things (it’s more fun that way). Bullet Journaling is no exception…I now have my everyday green leuchtturm 1917, I have one for my dogs, I have just started one for my business, and last week I laid my hands on this beauty: a Midori Travelers Notebook. Hey, I GOT to have a Midori! I mean…it’s MY DOG! It’s just meant to be. And the Midori paperclips are shaped just like her.


I haven’t really started it yet, but I got all my wonderful students to leave me a message at graduation in it. That makes me happy! ?

And, yesterday, I did something I have thought about for…well almost two weeks! I started a “show-and-tell” BuJo that I will use to show you and tell you about BuJo for dog trainers! I even started an Instagram called “BuJofordogtrainers”. Spread the word, there is a need!

So…why plan your dog-life? I am a firm believer of “Think – Plan – Do” when it comes to dog training. I have written extensively about that (in Swedish) here, and I have written about setting goals for your training (also Swedish) here.


So, I have planned my training for the last 7-8 years, in different ways. In Bullet Journaling I have found a system flexible and simple enough for my needs, and it’s really, really fun!

So first step – you need a notebook and a pen. Any notebook. Any pen. It. Does. Not. Matter. Wich. One. As long as you start ?

I like pretty things, and I’m a shopaholic, so I get stuff all the time. Not because I need it, but because I WANT it. There’s a difference! But as I buy and test stuff, I might as well share it with everyone. It makes me happy to do so, and as I enjoy watching other people’s tests I guess some of you will enjoy mine.

So for this project, I chose a black Nuuna with dot grid, as I want to colour a lot the thicker paper works really well.


So far I have used my Tombows and Stabilo 88, and a Frixion clicker 0,5. And a ruler. You do not, I repeat DO NOT have to draw or write pretty or use a lot of colours. I do because I love to do it, not because it makes me a better dog trainer. But planning and evaluating my training does make me a better dog trainer, and I think it’s more fun this way.


The first pages are my Index. The index tells me where to find stuff. The index allows me to put everything literally on the next available page, because the pages all have numbers (if they don’t I write the numbers), and I find that really great. i love the feeling of “organised chaos” of NOT having everything in neat piles but STILL be able to find it.


In my previous journals (because I have had so many… just kidding – I have NOT, but I’m a fast learner) I just played by ear and wrote the pages down as I went along. That works fine, but I already know some spreads I want and I have chosen to categorise a bit. So the first column is spread, the next column is page(s). As I need more space (or want to do it differently) I add pages. Dog facts may appear at page 8, 15, and 106, depending on if I want to add more fact and need more space. But it will only be listed once. Get it? (I’m sure you do, you’re not stupid! But if you don’t that’s my fault for not explaining it right – please ask so I can get better.)

And the next thing I love is the key.


The key is a reminder of symbols, and mean I can write less and still get what I mean. I can use colours (Midori is green, Valle is blue) to easily see wich dog does what. The washi tape will be used around the edge of the paper to show which category, so if I want to look at “everyday stuff” I look at the yellow pages. Easy-peasy.

“Migrate” means that I planned a task we did not do, so I move it ahead. To the next day, next week, or…never. The arrow makes sure that I make a choice.

“Look out” means that I see a small thing in ur training that I need to work with or just monitor in the future.

And the flowers are because they are pretty and I like colouring.


Those of you that follow me on Instagram may feel a little confused at the moment… This is how it works:

@kelpiephotography is my photo-insta. Here you will find photos from my work as a photographer.

@TheCreativeKelpie is my personal Insta. I post things I like. A lot of it BuJo-related.

@BuJoforDogtrainers is my Insta for…well…this! Bullet Journaling for dog trainers!

And @MidoriThePrincess you find Midoris own Insta.

I would love for you to follow me! I hope to be as inspiring for you as the ones I follow are for me ?

And…there is the FB-group (Swedish) Bullet Journal för hundtränare. Join it, it’s awesome. If I get enough followers on Insta, or I see that this blog gets attention, I’ll host an English-speaking FB-group as well. Tell your dog-loving friends!