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Setting goals – or not?

Setting goals – or not?

As you know I’m a “goal-setter”. That’s how I function best. BUT – I know that some people find that goals can add negative pressure and stress, and get upset if the goals are not met, and that’s not a good way to live your life (in my opinion)!

About a week ago I saw this great idea – instead of new years resolutions, or goals, a friend of mine made a Bingo fΓΆr 2019! No pressure. No stress. Just things she wants to do during the year, big and small.

Of course, I had to make my own:

This is for my life in general and my work life. Some squares are dreams I want to happen, some squares are already booked, some squares are tasks to do.

If you want to make your own and are short for ideas, here are a few tips:

  • “Just do it”-things (like 20 times at the gym)
  • Dreams you want to work on (I want to be on a Swedish radio channel and talk about dog photography, not sure that will happen but I’ll try!)
  • Things you need to plan (I want to do a summer camp for dog trainers, but that won’t plan itself…)
  • Fun things (a weekend trip to Rome with my love)
  • Things you know will happen (just because it’s fun to have some “free squares”…)

What’s on your Bingo?

(And yes, that’s a new planner. A classic sized Happy Planner, the mini just was too small.)

Flip-through of my Happy Book

Flip-through of my Happy Book

Today I want to show you what I use my “Happy book” for! I think it will be even more important during 2019 if I stick to my Happy Planner as my main planner. The perfect place to put anything and everything that just…makes me happy!

Moving into a Happy Planner

Moving into a Happy Planner

To fulfill my need of change, I’m leaving the “pure” bullet journal system for a while – I’m going to try a combination of a happy planner, business planner and my “happy book” for everything else.

I got the happy planner mini. I’m a bit worried, as I start planning it feels a bit small, but on the other hand, I wont’t have as much in there as I had in my Filofax notebook. So far I got this:

My goals for next year, and the word for 2019: Harmony.

A budget for 2019, to make sure I can pay my bills every month.

A collection of blog posts.

Monthly overview – preprinted.

My client workflow, and my client list. I actually have clients for 2019, but I haven’t transferred them yet πŸ™‚

Project list and project planning. Again, preprinted – but with a little tweak.

And I will have weeklys and dailies when I need to, also preprinted.

I have absolutely no idea how this will work out…But we’ll see soon enough! 



New year, new plans

New year, new plans

December is always a busy month. Get Christmas presents, meet the family, cook food (not me, but others do), eat food (that I do!), watch Christmas movies, get in the spirit, and for God’s sake enjoy yourself! (Can you tell that Christmas is a bit overrated if you ask me…?)

I like the days AFTER Christmas. When all is done, there’s food left, I got some nice presents, hubby’s home from work, and there’s a whole new year waiting to happen!

2018 has been a year of changes. 2019 will be a year of settlement, I think. Settle down in our new home, settle down in my work, finding my routines. It will be a good year!

I don’t feel like competing with my dogs at the moment. We kind of hang out together, and I’ve been focusing on making our everyday life work. Now, I can have my kelpies off leash in the forest, nail trimming works, and we mostly hang out together and do fun stuff. Maybe I’ll take an online-class in freestyle. That would be fun.

If you are NOT like me (at the moment at least), but actually want to set goals and achieve something with your dog, I have something for you!

To help you get all your thoughts and ambitions in order, I have made two different planner packs for 2019. They are in Swedish, easy to follow, and the two packs are not only different in design but also in content. Look through the templates and choose the package that suits you the best. Or maybe you’ll make it a Christmas gift for someone special…?

This is the one I made for 2018, updated to 2019 (illustrated with dogs).

And this is a brand new one (not illustrated)!

From the illustrated package

Don’t forget to check out the other items in my shop. I bet you find something you like!

And if you need some inspiration and motivation, as well as some help with your structure, I’ve teamed up with a good friend of mine and we’ll be hosting a workshop together! Guaranteed to make you feel on top of the world πŸ™‚ 

Take it easy this December <3


It’s growing!

It’s growing!

Recently I’ve seen a lot of new sign-ups for my little e-course on how to get started with Bujo for dog trainers. I’m delighted! That means that a new crowd of dog people has found their way into the interesting world of bullet journaling. WELCOME, EVERYONE! I hope you find something useful in the course, or here on my blog.

For me, bullet journaling has actually changed the way I live. It has freed space in my brain and boosted my ideas – and helped me organize the steps to get from “here” to “there”. I am calmer, more creative, and get more things done.

Right now, my mind is set on (among other things) renewing this website a bit. Hopefully, make it more interesting. A place to find inspiration as well as useful things that help your brain too. If you want to help me by giving some feedback or make a wish I would really appreciate it – send me an email

Spread for next week. Cute dog stickers from the Etsy-shop “a planner piece”.



Vacation is over – goodbye summer, welcome fall!

Vacation is over – goodbye summer, welcome fall!

I’ve been fully back at work for three days, and I feel that this fall is going to be so much fun! I have a lot of projects and new collaborations cooking πŸ™‚

But first: let’s have a look at what happens in my journal as August leaves her place for September:

I’m changing my social media tracker, to be able to see what part of my business is more busy and when. I’m not sure this will do the trick, but it’s worth a try.
A new memories-page, to highlight what’s been going on in my life. I really like the overview of september so far! Easy to get a quick look at when I’m free and what needs to be done.
These are pages I needed but didn’t have for August, so I added them after awhile. This month they’re there from the start. Let’s see if I use them!
I’m keeping my weekly layout for another month, they work really well and are very versatile.
My current project-page. Some new will be added, and some will be done. Hopefully I will need to redo this page soon. That’s a good thing – it means that my projects are moving forward!

September: I’m ready! Bring it!

R is for Reinforce!

R is for Reinforce!

All beings strive. Towards something, or from something. That’s basic behavior knowledge. A behavior that is reinforced gets stronger. Easy.

As a dog trainer – and sometimes teacher for humans – I use this knowledge to my advantage. I make sure that the behaviors I want to see more of are reinforced, and that the ones I don’t like get as little reinforcement as possible. There are two key elements to this (according to me):

  1. Identify the behavior. Way too often we tend to try to reward results, instead of the behaviors that will LEAD TO the results. It’s often easier that way, because we don’t have to think about the “how”. In my example below, I have put an R (Reward) every time I lose two kilos. Problem is – it doesn’t tell me how to get there. I need to complete this plan with a plan that reinforces the correct behaviors: exercise and healthy food choices.


2. Identify the reinforcers. A good reinforcer is something that the individual is willing to work for: most often something the individual likes to do. Eat, play and socialize are common reinforcers for dogs. I work for money (well, for what the money represents: things I can buy). I also work for praise, attention, appreciation, and the possibility to do things I like to do. Like coloring, writing, or checking boxes. See my spread below: I find it reinforcing to make them, look at them, and fill them in. It feels good.

My training plan (above) and my meal plan (below) identify the behaviors I need to get in better shape (walk a certain amount of steps every day, exercise, run, think about what I eat, and make healthy choices). They work with small reinforcers, enough to keep me on track.


And when all these small behaviors add up – I lose the weight I want to lose. And I get my bigger reward, from the first spread, as a bonus πŸ™‚

Goodbye July, welcome August

Goodbye July, welcome August

This last day of July is a perfect day to review the month. I’m changing my layout a bit, and as July has been a good month it feels like a good idea to finish it off with a memory page.

I need a master task list and a list of good ideas that I want to think about.

August is vacation month. My bucket list is as important as my “must-do” list, to keep me sane. All work and no play makes Γ…sa a dull girl…

A monthly overview, to quickly see what goes when.

And I added a Future Log over this autumn. I looove my Filofax – this is now my second page in my notebook πŸ™‚

My weekly spreads will continue to look like this for some time. I have gotten used to the horizontal layout, and it works well!

I’ve got so many fun projects planned! This is turning out to be a GOOD year πŸ™‚


Puppy time!

Puppy time!

Around me, my friends are getting puppies. Cuddly, furry, fantastic beings with needle-sharp teeth and a “go get it”-attitude. Some of them has asked me about what to track, what to train, what’s important, so I made a Puppy Planner Pack!

First out is Basic – what you need (in my opinion) to keep track of stuff, and – most important of all – get to know your new buddy. Five basic templates, designed to be used over and over again as the puppy grows older.


How to use:

Use them as food for thought, or – if you want to support a hard working business woman – buy them in my store and print them.

This is the first of three Puppy Planner Packs. The next one will cover the foundation of puppy training to become a functional dog in our society, and the last one is for those of us who love to train our dogs.

Is there anything, in particular, you want me to cover in the next packs? Let me know!



Why all the stickers?

Why all the stickers?

The last month or so I’ve gone completely sticker-mad. I think it’s because it’s so hot right now, my mind is set on “low energy”. My brain just loves shapes and colors, and this way I can get that without more creativity involved than choosing the right sticker, peel it off, and put in in the right place. It’s a little bit like making a collage. I find extremely relaxing.

In order to suit summertime lazy days, I’ve changed my weekly design. It’s horizontal, three boxes each day, and the last three boxes are for the week’s projects.


  • I no longer have my hour schedule, and that is actually a bit of a problem that I will have to solve for next week.
  • It feels a bit…messy. Or maybe I just need to get used to this layout. 


  • My stickers fit perfectly.
  • the extra box gives room for whatever – memories, gratitude, quotes, pictures, doodles.
  • I use every last bit of the paper. Somehow that feels good.
  • I like the overall look.

I’ll just stick with it for a few weeks and make minor changes, and see where I end up!

Stickers have also made my self-care spreads easier. This is my fifth week of eating better and moving more, and it feels really good!

To plan dinners ahead of time instead of in the store makes it easier to choose healthy (or adjust the rest of the meals if I want to eat at McDonald’s). I looked at the statistics, and I have increased my steps with 1/3 since I started to track them. This week I added “veg of the day” (it can be a fruit), to start eating more greens. I also count my calorie intake, at that has stopped my evening snacks. I’m on my way to a healthier me!

My out’n out training gets a spread of its own. Three sessions every week with cardio or strength, during my dog walk. This is my third week going, and I’m starting to notice the change! It feels GOOD!

I discovered early that I more willingly look at a spread that is colorful and fun. That means that the stickers actually help me get things done!

My favorites are (and I get NO benefits from the companies for writing this):

Fitness stickers from Me & my big ideas

Planner basics from Me & my big ideas

This colorful life from Me & my big ideas

Natural history from Pepin

Weekly planner stickers 

And there are about a million others…