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Goodbye July, welcome August

Goodbye July, welcome August

This last day of July is a perfect day to review the month. I’m changing my layout a bit, and as July has been a good month it feels like a good idea to finish it off with a memory page.

I need a master task list and a list of good ideas that I want to think about.

August is vacation month. My bucket list is as important as my “must-do” list, to keep me sane. All work and no play makes Åsa a dull girl…

A monthly overview, to quickly see what goes when.

And I added a Future Log over this autumn. I looove my Filofax – this is now my second page in my notebook 🙂

My weekly spreads will continue to look like this for some time. I have gotten used to the horizontal layout, and it works well!

I’ve got so many fun projects planned! This is turning out to be a GOOD year 🙂


Tweaking my weekly spread, and welcome May!

Tweaking my weekly spread, and welcome May!

I have one BuJo for my everyday life, and one for my dog training. This is great because it makes it easy to follow my training. This is stupid, because it makes it harder to incorporate my dog training into my everyday life. So I made a small tweak in my weekly spread, in order to make the two worlds meet a bit better:

It’s not a big thing, I just added my top three training priorities into my weekly, but hopefully it will make a big difference. Just having to think about how I make time for dog training, and what is the most important thing this week, is good for me. I think. I’ll try it out and get back to you 🙂

And May is close! I did some therapy work with a roll of washi last night:

I like how it turned out! But it’s probably a one-hit-wonder, all that cutting…

May is going to be all about buying and selling houses – we’re moving! Lots of things to do, and to not forget. A good project page is really helpful for my poor brain:

I think I may need more pages…let’s see!

Finally some time to spare…And BIG NEWS!

Finally some time to spare…And BIG NEWS!

First thing’s first: the December themes!

Theme for the second week was nose work, and I thought we were training to find tea or coffee, but it turned out she was training to find any scent that was different…:D

We had a lot of fun and something to keep doing in January! Spoiler: the training will involve a LOT of diversion scents…

This week is the third week, and the theme is Body Awareness. I chose rebounds and lifting both legs on one side. The problem with rebounds is that we can only train that outside, and the weather has been…a bit wet, to say the least. So, no rebounds yet. But two legs up is working fine!

Note to self: this is physically hard and she works with new muscles. Keep the sessions short and rest between.

And now…One of the reasons this blog has been a bit quiet lately:

I have finally finished my printables for dog training!

Eleven templates for dog trainers, that you download as PDF to your own computer and print over and over again…

You find the English versions divided into two packs – planner pack and training pack – in my brand new Etsy Shop.

If you prefer Swedish versions you find them in Glädjeklicks webshop.

Want to know what they look like? Here’s a film (Swedish, sorry, but hey – you can still see the designs!)

I can promise you there is more to come, I have big plans for my little shops 🙂

Future Log

Future Log

One of the things I enjoy with my BuJo is how I make it as I go along. That gives me the freedom to alternate between different layouts and try different things. If they work – perfect! I’ll repeat until I want to try something new. If they don’t work – I just turn the page.

But. I still need somewhere to write things, that I know will happen. Appointments and other stuff I need to do. That’s where the future log comes in!

So – first my index. Then my key. then, because I want to, a page about my dogs.

And then – the future log! How long you want to do is up to you. I don’t have much planned for my dogs more than three months, so I chose a six-month spread. I love the circle. It’s so…round!

In my personal BuJo I tried two other varies:

Which ones are the best? Well…that’s really up to you! And there are lots of other designs…Personally, I do not like the 2017-page. I do like the 2018, but I don’t know if there will be enough room. I’ll find out, and if I don’t want it, I can change it into something new!

The Future log is for short notes. Every month I do a monthly spread with more details, every week a weekly spread, and every day a daily page. It’s different depending on if it’s for my dog training or my life, but I’ll show you. In a few days 🙂

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