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Flip-through of my Happy Book

Flip-through of my Happy Book

Today I want to show you what I use my “Happy book” for! I think it will be even more important during 2019 if I stick to my Happy Planner as my main planner. The perfect place to put anything and everything that just…makes me happy!

My Happy Book

My Happy Book

One thing I love about Bullet Journaling is that it can be whatever I want it to be.

In my yellow Happy Book, I keep things that make me happy.

First of all, I keep my school-stuff (learning about photography makes me happy).

Then I put in quotes, doodle, and sketches that I just want to make for fun. It’s a place for all things creative and happy!

What will I put in tomorrow? 

I don’t know yet. Whatever makes me happy!


Time flies!

Time flies!

I can’t believe it’s bee two weeks since I visited my blog! Well, you know what they say – time flies when you’re having fun…

A little update:

November is here. 

I have a small obsession about leaves right now. The color, the shape, the texture…

My first school assignment is done. I haven’t got my feedback yet. Kind of nervous. I handled the nervous energy as I always do – turned it into something creative.

And I soon found out I needed dividers in my yellow “Happy book”. Fixed it myself!

And I got water! Running water, hot and cold! I’m in heaven…

Maybe the most important thing: my neighbor cut the grass. We now have no less than THREE big fields to train on. Niiiiice!

Oh, by the way: even if this blog has been silent, my Instagram is very much alive. I have three main accounts:

TheCreativeKelpie  if you’re all about planner stuff

KelpiePhotography if you like dog photos

and the brand new Kelpie.asa if you want to follow my life in general.

I’ve even learned to use Stories… 😀

Practice, practice, practice!

Practice, practice, practice!

I love drawing and painting. I haven’t done it for so long, and now when I have started again as an adult, it’s like a wall that has been torn down. My problem is that there is so much in my head that I want to express on paper, but my skills are lacking.

This is the same feeling as when I started to photograph: I knew what I wanted, but didn’t know how to get there.

So what to do?


It really is that easy: things you practice get better. I photographed every single day for many years, tried different techniques, took classes, worked with reference photos, tried different lights, and so on. I still do, it’s a never-ending process. By now, ten years later, I know a little bit more about how to get that end result I want. But it’s an ongoing journey!

So, I’m going to do the same with my artwork. I will move it to the front of the priority list to make at least one piece every week – no matter how small. Each piece will hold a challenge, something that I have never done before, or think is hard and need to train. Every piece that I do take time, time that I rarely have, but I find so much joy in creating that I decide that it’s worth it.

This week I have taken inspiration from my vacation last week (I will use that inspiration for a few more weeks probably, in different motives). We went to see a sanctuary for sea-turtles, where they nurse injured sea-turtles back to health and then release them back into the wild. Sea-turtles are magnificent! I’ve never seen a real one before, and they are so full of grace, seem so gentle, and just fly in the water effortlessly. The ones we saw were in a small pool, and it broke my heart…I really hope they will soon be released into the ocean again!

So, I decided to draw my wish, and hopefully, it comes true. In the meantime, donate some money to save these beautiful creatures! The sanctuary is depending on gifts.

As this is only a training piece, I decided to make it as an art journal page. The end goal is not as important as the way to get there!

Finished. The biggest challenge was the water, and I’m not completely happy with how it turned out, but on the other hand, I love the technique with the ink outline and polychromos coloring. I think the details on the turtle turned out really well, even when it’s enlarged on my screen. Maybe I should have made the black shadow in ink as well to get the color more solid, I’ll try that next time.

I have noticed on Instagram that some of those who like my artwork are not that fond of my BuJo-spreads and vice versa, so I created a new Insta for my artwork: Art by the creative kelpie, or as Instagram shortened it to: artbythecreative. 


What happens to my plans when I’m sick…

What happens to my plans when I’m sick…

Last week I was down and out with a cold. I’m still not well, but a lot better.

That means that my beautiful plans for last week look like this:

(“Sjuk” means “sick”.) So…NOTHING DONE! Not one recall. Not one jump. PANIC! Or…?

Of course not! Hey, I can always make a new plan! So now I know I need to work on both recalls and jumps, as well as this week’s exercises. Not a problem!

This week, (starting today as this is my first fever-free day), it’s about leaving me. The square and the cone. 


On top is the “mantra”, one square every day. To us, running to the square made of four cones from a distance of 15 meters, top inside the square, and lay down on cue, has ONE big difficulty: run far enough! Midori knows exactly where the square is, and tend to stop too early. So…ALL rewards will come flying through the air over her head as she RUNS THROUGH that square. We will try out different angles to make her more sure of herself. And maybe three or four squares on a row, keep running until I say something? Worth a try!

The cone is easier. We will work with distance (longer than necessary) and angle (find the RIGHT ONE!). 

Both these exercises are explosive running exercises. That means that we are in the danger zone for sound…whining, barking, all of it is a no-no in competitions.

I’ll try to film the exercises we have worked with so far, update next week!

So what have I been doing instead of training?

Well…Netflix is a thing, you know…And I have put a little extra effort into this week’s layout in my BuJo! I’m really pleased with this:

So…you really don’t have to pity me…:D


What did you get for christmas?

What did you get for christmas?

I got wonderful, beautiful, glorious pencils!

Faber-castell polychromos. All 120. I am in heaven…

I have kind of no idea how to use them, but of course I have tried them out!

First a color test.

Tested in my Rhodia goalbook, it will be my main BuJo 2018. At least my first…

Next: colouring.

I love the brightness of the colors and how easy they are to blend!

Yesterday I tried a portrait:

Nice, but nowhere near some of the work I have seen with these pencils… Lots to learn!

That means spending a few hours with skillshare and Youtube. And practicing. A lot.

I am one happy wanna-be artist right now!




I believe that you need to interact with others to grow as a person. You need feedback, tips, suggestions, inspiration. That’s why there now exists an FB-group for those of us that love Bullet Journal and dog training!

Join in! You will find it HERE! Tell your friends, and let’s build a community of dog trainers that bullet journal!

We start small, but I really believe that we can share and learn from each other, and I think there is a need for a place where we can meet. Let’s see if I’m right!

And here’s a cute drawing of a dog, just to make your effort of reading this worthwhile 🙂

Doodle time!

Doodle time!

I love to draw and sketch and doodle. And I love dogs. So…you would think I would be good at doodling dogs, right? Wrong. I’m terrible at drawing dogs in any shape or form. Or WAS, to be correct!

The last week I have challenged myself to one dog doodle every day. So far I have made ten, I and plan to keep going for…as long as it’s fun.

You can follow my training, I do get better!

As my imagination is limited, I take requests. What breed do you want me to doodle?

And the easiest way to see them all is to follow me on Instagram!

Review Kuretake Gansai Tambi water colours and starry colours

Review Kuretake Gansai Tambi water colours and starry colours

I have taken up painting with watercolours, and absolutely love it! I can’t remember it being this fun, or actually kind of easy…But maybe that has something to do with the paints and brushes I’m using. (Or the fact that I’m a lot nicer to myself now than I used to be, I no longer need to be perfect 🙂 )

Before buying the first paints I could find (like I normally do), I did my research this time. I wanted colours with lots of pigment, to use with much water. I like when the paint covers the paper completely, so I had to be able to put it on very thinly. And one more thing: I wanted metallic colours to blend in as highlights.

I found the perfect match in Kuretake Gansai Tambi. Normal colours, pearly colours, and starry colours. I know that the glitter effect doesn’t show in the photos, so I tried a small film. It doesn’t do it justice – it’s even more beautiful.

The pearly ones are just as beautiful, but different colours of course.After a few tries, I knew that I like using water brushes better than ordinary brushes and water. Water brushes are filled with water, and it flows constantly. I like to use much water – perfect!

After a few tries, I knew that I like using water brushes better than ordinary brushes and water. Water brushes are filled with water, and it flows constantly. I like to use much water – perfect!

I can’t paint with only glitter, so I got the 36-set ordinary colours as well. To be honest, I think 24 or even 12 would be enough…They blend very nicely, and I can use as much or as little as I like.

This is made with one brown, one green, a touch of one blue, mustard-yellow and starry copper. And a little silver to make the “wind”. The pen is a pilot hard brush pen (my favourite!).

I use watercolours in my Leuchtturm, my Nuuna, and my Midori (as seen above) as well, but I’m careful not to use a lot of water. It looks very nice, and the pages get a bit wavy the way I like it. This painting, however, is made on an aquarelle pad, as I knew I wanted to splash a lot…

My setup for my Midori Travelers Notebook

My setup for my Midori Travelers Notebook

The day has finally arrived…I started using my TN yesterday!

A Travelers Notebook is a cover with multiple inserts, to make it easy to keep things “where they belong”. It also makes it easy to just bring along the one I want, or change whatever isn’t working. There are a LOT of brands making inserts and covers, I chose the one named after my dog: Midori.

I have given my setup a lot of thought, to figure out what I need and choose the inserts that will be useful and helpful. I find that it’s something I need to evaluate quite often – how do I use my BuJo best? What do I need? What do I want?

I designed the fronts myself, I will tell you about the pens and paints under each cover.

Let’s go!

The outside is rough leather, and it shows wear and tear in a nice way. I chose a green rubber band because I love green.

My first insert is all about fun and creative stuff. The paper is thick, and it will be interesting to see how it handles watercolors and different pens! The outside is made with black unipins and different gel pens.

Inside my first insert. In case it gets lost, I want it back…Hopefully, this helps.

I am a dailys-person! I love to take five minutes each morning and plan my day. This is made with watercolor, pearl colors from kuretake gansai tambi. Such a nice sheen! Doesn’t show in the photo, of course, so you have to take my word for it…:)

First page. A favorite quote.

And my dailys this week are minimalistic with a splash of green. Midori doesn’t do dot grids (yet), so I chose the next best thing.

Next: my weeklys. Shouldn’t they be first? Maybe…but I think this will work better for my head. Cover made with uni-ball signo broad white.

First page.

Simple monthlys to get an overview, as you can see this is a pre-printed Midori insert. I made it easy for myself, let’s see how that works out 😉

And my week at a glance.

My last insert is all about my business. Unipin and some gray with Faber-castell PITT artist brush pen.

My workflow for a photosession…

Tracker for clients and a schedule for social media…Whatever I need, really!

And a small charm for good luck!

I’ll let you know what worked well and what needs to change in a month!