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My Happy Book

My Happy Book

One thing I love about Bullet Journaling is that it can be whatever I want it to be.

In my yellow Happy Book, I keep things that make me happy.

First of all, I keep my school-stuff (learning about photography makes me happy).

Then I put in quotes, doodle, and sketches that I just want to make for fun. It’s a place for all things creative and happy!

What will I put in tomorrow? 

I don’t know yet. Whatever makes me happy!


Take action!

Take action!

At the moment I work a lot, and as a result, I tend to place my but in the sofa when I’m done and stay there. The dogs get their walks, of course, but more than that? Kind of nothing…I’m just not inspired to train for competitions because I don’t want to compete right now. It’s cold and rainy and dark, and I don’t want to be outside in the evenings.

Two of my dogs say “That’s fine with us, give us something to chew at and a nice place to sleep near you, and we’re satisfied.” The third one is NOT pleased. “I! WANT! TO! DO! SOMETHING! FUN!” And I get it. I chose an active dog, and that is what I got. I have trained her to think for herself, and that is what she does. So…in order to keep my home from getting destroyed, I have come up with an “activity-plan”.

It’s really simple. On the left, I have listed things that we can do indoors (during commercial breaks) and outdoors (during walks). Simple things for me, but hard for her because she has to think. I mixed in some stuff we always need (recalls), and I have left a place for more stuff. On the left, a simple tracker (the invisible text says “activity tracker”). What gets checked gets done! And I will use my smileys 🙂 On the bottom a review: what was our favourite exercise? The goal is to do at least one thing from the list each day.

This way I don’t have to think when my mind is spent, I can look in my list and choose something. I don’t have to make time, I can do this during walks or watching TV. It’s not one hours training per day, but it’s way better than nothing!

And the winner is…

And the winner is…

The two people chosen by Midori as winners are:

Jessica Adamsson and Sara Malmqvist! CONGRATULATIONS!

(I put all the names on different notes, put the notes on the floor, and Midori pointed out two notes to me.)

The winners should receive their packages next week 🙂

And now for something completely different!

Sometimes I feel like I’m the last to know, but a few days ago I discovered Skillshare. And it’s amazing! I get to learn doodles, lettering, Instagram, photography, watercolour, and just about everything else you can imagine, in short, simple video lessons.

With a few tips and pointers from Peggy Dean at The pigeon letters, and Yasmina at YasminaCreates, I created this: brush lettering, doodles, and a nice flat lay photo. You will see changes in my Instagram…To the better!

And as I always want to share stuff I love, here are two month’s Skillshare for free!

I hope you will enjoy learning new things as much as I do 🙂

Review Kuretake Gansai Tambi water colours and starry colours

Review Kuretake Gansai Tambi water colours and starry colours

I have taken up painting with watercolours, and absolutely love it! I can’t remember it being this fun, or actually kind of easy…But maybe that has something to do with the paints and brushes I’m using. (Or the fact that I’m a lot nicer to myself now than I used to be, I no longer need to be perfect 🙂 )

Before buying the first paints I could find (like I normally do), I did my research this time. I wanted colours with lots of pigment, to use with much water. I like when the paint covers the paper completely, so I had to be able to put it on very thinly. And one more thing: I wanted metallic colours to blend in as highlights.

I found the perfect match in Kuretake Gansai Tambi. Normal colours, pearly colours, and starry colours. I know that the glitter effect doesn’t show in the photos, so I tried a small film. It doesn’t do it justice – it’s even more beautiful.

The pearly ones are just as beautiful, but different colours of course.After a few tries, I knew that I like using water brushes better than ordinary brushes and water. Water brushes are filled with water, and it flows constantly. I like to use much water – perfect!

After a few tries, I knew that I like using water brushes better than ordinary brushes and water. Water brushes are filled with water, and it flows constantly. I like to use much water – perfect!

I can’t paint with only glitter, so I got the 36-set ordinary colours as well. To be honest, I think 24 or even 12 would be enough…They blend very nicely, and I can use as much or as little as I like.

This is made with one brown, one green, a touch of one blue, mustard-yellow and starry copper. And a little silver to make the “wind”. The pen is a pilot hard brush pen (my favourite!).

I use watercolours in my Leuchtturm, my Nuuna, and my Midori (as seen above) as well, but I’m careful not to use a lot of water. It looks very nice, and the pages get a bit wavy the way I like it. This painting, however, is made on an aquarelle pad, as I knew I wanted to splash a lot…

More colour in my weekly!

More colour in my weekly!

For next week I had something special I wanted to try…Two things, actually!

First: The Dutch door (or my version). A Dutch door in a BuJo is a spread with smaller pages inside the spread. Makes sense? Let me show (normally there is just one extra page, but I really wanted the whole week!):

I made my Dutch door simply by cutting the paper, and tape what was left with a strip of washi. Pretty!

Second: The colouring. I have been fascinated with my new Watercolour brush pens, and wanted to really try them! So I made a frame and then used a water-brush to make the faded effect. For some colours it was enough to use the colour from the frame I already made, for others I simply transferred colour from the coloured pen to the water-brush and added where needed. The whole squares are covered in water and paint. “How did the paper hold up?” you all ask? Excellent! Much better than expected! This is a Leuchtturm1917 and I painted on both sides (let dry between though), but there is hardly any ghosting and no bleeding. The paper gets nice and crisp and I love that “worn” feeling! I will try some different pens when I write on it, to see if there is a difference (there should be!).

The pens are easy to work with, both draw and write, and the colours are beautiful. I’ve seen them on Wish for a really good price (much cheaper than the 400 sek I paid…) I am excited to try them out!

What does your weekly spread look like? Show them on TheCreativeKelpie’s FB-page!

Coloursplash with tombows

Coloursplash with tombows

I like to write. And I love colours. So…in my BuJo, I dedicate some pages to quotes that I write and colour 🙂

Today I wanted to try something I’ve seen others do with tombows: a sort of colour splash!

I chose the colours I wanted to use: yellow, green, blue, purple, pink. Then I drew on a piece of soft plastic, a piece of a plastic sheet to put paper in. The ink doesn’t stick to the plastic, instead, it gathers in little droplets. I sprayed with water, to make it wetter, and put it on the paper to make an imprint. Pretty! I used tombows to write as well, and the texture of the paper felt a little bit different but still nice to write on.

I used tombows to write as well, and the texture of the paper felt a little bit different but still nice to write on. The last line is in 0,1 unipen.

And, of course, you need a dog for the photo 🙂

A few tips: 

Use a lot of ink. Really lay it on, and mix the colours a bit.

If you want a sort of dotted effect: use only a little water (or none at all)

If you want the colours to really blend: use a lot of water.

The plastic will probably cling to the paper the second you put it on, but try to rub it just a little to mix the colours.

Let dry completely before you write on it.

Now you try! 

And please,  @Thecreativekelpie if you use my quote on Instagram because I would love to see what you have created!


Filmtime! The making of a “Nose-art” quote.

Filmtime! The making of a “Nose-art” quote.

Material used:

Nuuna calender

Faber Castell art aquarelle pens


Black brush pen

The inspiration comes from my nose-art-covered windows…

I have absolutely no idea if this is fun to watch or not (I find these kinds of films hypnotic), so please leave a comment!


July is closing in!

July is closing in!

I like to do a monthly spread in my personal BuJo (my Leuchtturm), to get an overview of my month.

I always start with a review of last month – what worked? What didn’t work? And then I adapt and edit my setup.

This month I wanted to include the weeknumbers, a tasklist for things that just need to be done whenever, a tracker for my weight, and a quote I like. I wanted the colours to be clean and serene, so I went with blue to green – like sky and grass.

First step: sketch. That way I know that everything fits.

I did my sketching in front of Supernatural on the computor, so it took me awhile 🙂

Next – the backgroundcolour. I used FaberCastell aquarelle pencils, and a brush with water (see before/after. Water is added on the left side first, to prevent me from smearing it.)

And 0,8 mm unipen for the lines. I do the background first, to make sure the black lines stay put. There is always a risk of smearing them with a brush.

Looks really nice and clean I think!

I then did the small titles with my 0,1 unipen, and used a brushpen for the rest. The brushpen is brand new and only have japanese signs…I have no idea what it is called, but I love it! It’s a bit smaller than Tombows or Sakuras, and really easy to use. Takes awhile to dry though, as you can see I smeared it a little…

And I added some washi on the side of the page, to easily find it.

There it is, ready to be filled with notes 🙂 July is going to be FUN!

You like it? Leave a comment, and tell me what you want in your monthly spread!