We bought a house. A small house in the woods. I can’t wait to live there, it’s going to be awesome.

That means that we have a house to sell (because we don’t need two). A much bigger house, with stables and fields and a barn and an outhouse. That’s the reason we’re moving – we don’t need all that. 2018 is the year of freedom. We’re breaking free.

Buying, selling, and moving, means: LOTS to do. People to get in contact with and book appointments with, cleaning (so much cleaning!), throwing away 14 years old sh*t that we “may find useful one day”, and paying a lot of money at this stage. Hopefully, we will get some money back when we find a buyer.

My BuJo is full of lists.

The house we’re buying needs to be insured before we can move in, we need to put a fence up for the dogs, and we don’t know where to put the washing machine. Oh, and we have to pay for it as well. And that’s BEFORE we even start moving our stuff…

The one we’re selling is even worse…Lists of what to do before photographing the house, before the viewing, before the actual sale. Talk to the bank, talk to the estate agent, talk to the photographer, and don’t miss anything – that will cost!

Sorry, no pics today. Just me whining about my life (boohoo, poor me who have not only one but two houses to live in…Yes, I still have some perspective left…;) ). And I tell you – without my Bullet Journal this would be a lot harder!

Next week everything will feel easier (because I will have done the most part of that boring cleaning…). I will be in a better mood. Maybe I’ll even show some of my extremely ugly, but useful, lists.

This, too, shall pass.

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