Think plan create repeat – what do I mean?

Think plan create repeat – what do I mean?

I have my “words to live by” in dog training as well as in life: Think. Plan. Create. Repeat. But what do I mean, and how does this apply to bullet journaling? Let me give you a run through:


Before I do stuff, I like to know what I’m doing. That means figuring out what I want to achieve, what’s my goal? It can be long-term: I want to compete in class 2 obedience, or it can be short term: I want to relieve stress and just have fun with my dog. Of course, these two may very well work together – but they don’t have to.

When I work towards a long-term goal, I also need to think about how I want to train to get there. There are thousands of ways to train! To me, it’s important that my training is efficient and fun for both of us, and I don’t compromise with the “fun for both” part. That is number one on my list. So I choose a training method that we both like! I am a reward-based trainer, leaning on behavioral science. And believe me, that sometimes exercises my brain quite a bit…But in a good way! 🙂

I like to write my goals down, and give myself a little pep talk now and then.

Big goal at the end of the road, divided into smaller parts.


Without a plan I am lost. I need to plan the road towards my goals – what do I need to do, in what order, how often, and so on. Bullet Journaling is great for this! Trackers are a BIG help, and I wrote a whole post dedicated to trackers!

Before I go out and train – no matter if I want to do “serious stuff” or just fool around – I make a small plan. On paper or in my head. “Why make a plan to fool around?” you ask. Good question, and maybe I’m the only one with this problem, but I tend to forget that it’s about having fun and instead get caught up in “must…make…this…work…”. So when I just want to train fun stuff, I actually need to think about what we both enjoy doing that is not serious. But again, I think that’s just me…:)


My plan to train rebounds

Simple plan of a training session: what dog, what sport, plan, what happened (not always the same as the plan), train more, comment, and best of the day.


With the word “create” I mean the actual training (or whatever it is I’m working on – drawing, text writing, etc). This takes up about 80% of the time spent – without training it’s guaranteed that we won’t get any closer to the goal! I train for a period of time every day. Sometimes only five minutes. Sometimes during our walks. Sometimes a bit more ambitious, maybe with friends. Always with some kind of plan. And let me share a secret: stuff we train tends to get better…


I key to good repetition is to repeat doing good things. To do that I have to evaluate the session, and maybe adjust my plan. Sometimes adjust my goal altogether, because life changes and that means I need to change.

In every session, there are things that were good, and things that could be better. I try to focus on the good things – because that is what I should keep doing, and try to do more of! Sometimes it’s hard, but it’s necessary if I want to keep as much fun in my training as possible. I just don’t think it’s fun to think about my mistakes, I adjust my plan to not make them again, and I move on! I good friend of mine says that “what you think about grows”. I think about what went well. That’s what I want to grow.

This spread is now filled with all the best moments from august. It makes me happy to look at!

So there you have it. My four words to success. Think. Plan. Create. Repeat.

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