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The joy of lists

The joy of lists

Sometimes I like to sit in and just let my mind wander and practice my handwriting.

Sometimes I don’t want to think at all, and can’t even think of anything to do with my dog.

Luckily, I have found the perfect way to combine these two moods: list making!

Making a list of things is a perfect activity to calm down my brain ( I have already spoken about braindumps, this is kind of the same thing). And I get something useful to write at the same time.

And best of all: the next time I feel the other way – brain not turned on at all but want to do something – I have my list and can choose from a whole bunch of things!

This list goes with my activity tracker. As I read it today, I can add more things. It’s that kind of day. Yesterday, I couldn’t think of a single thing to do, and got out my list and chose to work on sit pretty during the commercial breaks in my TV-show. Perfect! This morning before my brain woke up, I went for a walk with the dogs. I glanced at my list as I walked by, saw “find it”, and put three toys in my pocket. And we did some find it in the tall grass!

What would you like a list of? Or do you already have one you find extra useful? Share! 🙂

My love for fountain pens

My love for fountain pens

I have always been interested in writing, calligraphy, and fountain pens. I remember when a was about ten years old and got a fountain pen with three different nibs and four colours ink for my birthday. The joy! Then I splashed ink everywhere and couldn’t get the hang of calligraphy, and then the pen broke down (buy cheap get cheap). But my fascination was still there! I got a bit burned though and didn’t get another one.

Until a month ago. I was in my favourite store, Lexi paper in Lund, and looked at the Midori Travellers notebook that I was going to buy.  My eyes fell on a display of beautiful pens. “Lamy”. Not very expensive. I tried to write with one. Oh, smooth! It felt really good in my hand. And the colours…

After that, I was an easy victim for the nice woman behind the counter. “I have three of those, in different colours. Have you seen the beautiful ink? What nib do you prefer?”

The text is my list for a photo-viewing with a client. I make lists of everything. It helps me think.

I got a 1mm calligraphy nib because I love the subtle calligraphy-effect. It’s not much, but it’s there. And emerald-green ink (not the one in the photos), in cartridges to keep it simple.

Last week I had finished my first cartridge of ink, and I loooove the pen! The shades of the ink, the feel, the texture. It looks so vivid! And it’s very nice to write with, no cramp in my fingers, no stiffness! So I got back to the store, bought a converter that makes it possible to use any ink, and started the search for The Perfect Ink. I like green, but the emerald green I started with felt a bit sharp.

After flipping through a booklet of 50 different kinds of ink, I settled for Pilot Iroshizuku Tsuki-yo. A dark teal, absolutely beautiful.

The screen doesn’t make it justice, but it’s about the same colour as the pen itself. I also got an aubergine tone that I haven’t tried yet.

Knowing myself it’s just a matter of time before I get my second fountain pen. But I want to find The Perfect Pen before I order (and I probably will have to order, I haven’t found the ones I like in a store yet), and those things take time! The ones I’m looking at are not cheap, so I want to be sure.

As for using the converter: so much easier than I thought! And this time I don’t have ink anywhere but on the paper, and I do know how to write “every-day-calligraphy” when I want to 🙂

I get the best result in my Leuchtturm1917 or my Midori, in my Nuuna the ink seems a little bit darker and feathers just a little (but it still looks nice!). That makes sense, the coated paper in LT and Midori is made for fountain pens. The paper in Nuuna is thicker but not coated, and that makes the result a bit different.

And while I’m deciding on The Perfect Pen, I think I’ll get a fine nib for my Lamy, just to see the difference. Soon I will have three nibs and four colours ink, just as when I was a child…

Filmtime! The making of a “Nose-art” quote.

Filmtime! The making of a “Nose-art” quote.

Material used:

Nuuna calender

Faber Castell art aquarelle pens


Black brush pen

The inspiration comes from my nose-art-covered windows…

I have absolutely no idea if this is fun to watch or not (I find these kinds of films hypnotic), so please leave a comment!