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When it’s raining, it’s pouring…

When it’s raining, it’s pouring…

Today it’s raining. A lot. We have moved from the coast into the forests of Småland, and have settled in a small parking lot by the side of the road. This is where we’ll spend the night, snug and dry in our motorhome 🙂

So. What do you do without your toys in a small space with limited internet and electricity?

Ola is in the bed in the back, playing “pet rescue saga”.

I have worked on a challenge I joined, called the ContentCreationChallenge. For 15 days I’m supposed to create with a specific content in mind. Today it’s “emotion” and “no face”. This is my contribution:

The meaning of the challenge is to embrace and try new things. This photo is soooo far out of my comfort zone as an artist, and I would love to hear your thoughts!

The emotion I was going for is fear. I love horror movies and even better podcasts. “Creepypodden” is my favoutrite (try “knife point horror” for something i english). Why? Because when I listen to creepypasta and ghost stories (or read them!) instead of seeing the film, my imagination gets to run free. So, this is what’s inside my head. Sometimes.

You can follow my 15 days at my photography-instagram Kelpiephotography.

I actually do two more challenges this month, on TheCreativeKelpie instagram you can see my contributions to #rockyourhandwriting because, well, I need to practice my handwriting. And I do the #bohoberrychallenge (It’s about planning this month, and I find that extremely interesting…).

Plans for the evening:

  • Dress up in raingear
  • Dress the dogs in raingear
  • Walk the dogs
  • Wipe 8 paws
  • Hang up all rainclothes to dry
  • Watch my windows get all steamy…


Slow living

Slow living

Day three of RV-life, and I’m enjoying it even more than I thought I would.

It feels like my mind is reseting, and I think a lot of it is because everything takes time. As I mentioned yesterday it’s suddenly a Big Thing to make a cup of coffee. We can’t leave the dishes for later, we have to clean up right away. No microwave oven means that cooking something takes awhile. Slow living.

We have kept our normal hours, sleep at 22 and up at 6.30, mostly because the dogs are used to it and it’s easier to keep their habits. They are adapting fast! I make sure they get lots of exercise and interesting things to do, and they seem happy and content with living in such a small space.

We have no TV and limited internet, and I fill my days with walking, writing, sketching, and photographing. Swedish nature is stunning!


Waking up in Kjugekull

Waking up in Kjugekull

To wake up in the parking lot of a beautiful national park is a strange thing. Because we have dogs we normally get up at 6.30-7 (they make very sure we don’t oversleep!), and here is, at 8.30, VERY quiet from the other three campers. We have the whole park to ourselves. The sounds, the air, the atmosphere…magic!

Yesterday evening was quite fantastic – the weather was sunny and warm, no wind, Ola made pancakes outside on the portable stove, Midori and I went training in the woods (and photographing!). At eight the dogs were asleep outside the car, and we sat and enjoyed nature.

Things we have learned so far:

  • Put everything back where you took it, right away. It’s SMALL and it’s easy to get frustrated when things aren’t where they should be, or in the way.
  • I need to get a powerpack for my mobile! Even if I plug it in when we drive, I use it a lot (photos, films, internet…) And it dies overnight. And that is annoying.
  • Fixing coffee is a BIG task. As I’m addicted to caffe latte we got a handpumped espressomaker that works perfectly with the nespresso capsules I use. But the milk! Warming milk on the stove is easy, but messy and time-consuming. At it means I have to wash up. Boring!
  • The dogs are rapidly adjusting to camp-life, and the process right now is to get them to QUIETLY accept sounds from other people. No barking! We’re making progress, but we still have a way to go…
  • Sleeping bags are NOT comfortable when you have dogs who are used to sleeping under the covers. However, it works fine to unzip them and use them as a blanket. Problem solved.
  • And I need a better laptop…But as I love buying new stuff, that is a only a matter of saving enough money ?

But I have at least edited three photos from yesterday. My Top Model is learning new poses!

On the road! Monday.

On the road! Monday.

Me and Ola have started a special week of vacation: we have rented an RV and travel around south of Sweden with our two dogs Valle and Midori.

Neither of us have tried this kind of travel before. But we’re embracing the adventure!

We started sunday afternoon (ysterday), and plan to be back saturday.

I made a Dutch Door in my BuJo to keep track of where we go (map first), my daily tasks (I work a bit), and I also plan to use this spread as a small photo-album so I leave space for photos. It’s all in swedish, but I think you get it…The headline means “Eight paws an four feet in an RV” 🙂

The list you see on the left is a list of things we need to get, and need to remember next time. Like salt, a kitchen towel, and so on. It keeps adding…:D

I will keep on marking the places we stop at. This is an almost more or less accurate map of the south of Sweden.

And a quote. I like quotes!

As you could see, our first night was spent at Ales Stenar:

Today we moved first to Brösarps Backar

A dog beach near Yngsjö

I know, no beach in the photo, but I loved the forest nearby!

And last stop Kjugekull.

The dogs are really enjoying themselves!