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Flip-through of my Happy Book

Flip-through of my Happy Book

Today I want to show you what I use my “Happy book” for! I think it will be even more important during 2019 if I stick to my Happy Planner as my main planner. The perfect place to put anything and everything that just…makes me happy!

My Happy Book

My Happy Book

One thing I love about Bullet Journaling is that it can be whatever I want it to be.

In my yellow Happy Book, I keep things that make me happy.

First of all, I keep my school-stuff (learning about photography makes me happy).

Then I put in quotes, doodle, and sketches that I just want to make for fun. It’s a place for all things creative and happy!

What will I put in tomorrow? 

I don’t know yet. Whatever makes me happy!


Time flies!

Time flies!

I can’t believe it’s bee two weeks since I visited my blog! Well, you know what they say – time flies when you’re having fun…

A little update:

November is here. 

I have a small obsession about leaves right now. The color, the shape, the texture…

My first school assignment is done. I haven’t got my feedback yet. Kind of nervous. I handled the nervous energy as I always do – turned it into something creative.

And I soon found out I needed dividers in my yellow “Happy book”. Fixed it myself!

And I got water! Running water, hot and cold! I’m in heaven…

Maybe the most important thing: my neighbor cut the grass. We now have no less than THREE big fields to train on. Niiiiice!

Oh, by the way: even if this blog has been silent, my Instagram is very much alive. I have three main accounts:

TheCreativeKelpie  if you’re all about planner stuff

KelpiePhotography if you like dog photos

and the brand new Kelpie.asa if you want to follow my life in general.

I’ve even learned to use Stories… 😀

Back to school

Back to school

Tomorrow I will start school again! One year of learning about and working with storytelling in photography, online. I’m so excited!

And such a perfect excuse to get a new notebook…

How could I resist that design? Impossible!

This is what it looks like on the inside, so far:

To find my stuff I need an index. Nuuna doesn’t come with ribbons, but the pages are numbered.

One of my favorite quotes, by Andy Warhol. He should know.

I have no idea how the year will be planned, but I guess an overview of weeks and tasks can’t hurt?

Another favorite quote, and a project planning page. Again, I don’t really know how this whole thing will work, so I’m guessing a bit.

And I’m ready for the first day of school! Now I just have to figure out what to wear…I hear that’s really important nowadays!

New competition – new plans!

New competition – new plans!

Last week I was at a clicker training camp with students from five different schools, and that kind of took all my time and energy…And Monday I got some new toys for my camera that I have been playing with, but today I have made the time to think about our next competition!

This time its rally-obedience. We have competed in the highest class a few times with decent results, but it’s been over a year and I’m curious – what will float and what will sink?

The last two weeks se have done some training, mainly right-side-heeling and endurance, and it works well. Our struggles are the same as ever, keeping still. But I’m happy to discover that other things seem to really work, like understand that she has to listen to the cue for stand/sit/lie down in front, and spins in both directions both sides.

So this is the plan:

Design: metallic gel pens (gelly roll), for the first time in my Nuuna. I can’t decide if I like them or not, I think I’ll keep them for my black book only.

First page: Day by day schedule, with a smiley to the right to measure the feeling.

Left side: my goals for this competition. Dream, realistic, safety.

Let’s see how this works out!

Oh, and if you’re curious about my new camera toys, check out the blog on www.kelpiephoto.com!

Vacation and back to boot-camp

Vacation and back to boot-camp

Just home from a week at Fuerteventura, I blog about my trip on Kelpiephoto and you will see some inspired artwork here in a near future 🙂

While I was away, my to bigger dogs stayed with my parents and lived a life of luxury. Midori, who requires a bit more…active “hotel”, stayed at a dog training friend of mine and her two dogs. She has had a terrific time playing with her new friends! Unfortunately, my friend got the flu and the planned boot-camp training was canceled.

That means that this week will be repetition and mini-chains with emphasis on retrieving and distance work. My setup is a big tracker, it looks like this:

On the top, each exercise has a color (today I chose my new zebra mildliners, they are beautiful!). On the left all the days starting with today, and columns for training chains, competition like, other places, and distractions.

20 days to go until competition! 


Obedience boot-camp

Obedience boot-camp

Right now, competing feels fun again. So I signed up for two trials, one in obedience class one, and one in rally-obedience master class. As you all know, just signing up won’t get the job done…What to do? Obedience boot-camp!

With nine weeks to go, I made an eight-week program to myself. This first week we have just tried the different exercises that we need to show. All the basics still work, but we have some details to work on and we need to work on FOCUS and ENDURANCE.

Right now, we are training in the stable. That is where the cats live…talk about hard to focus! On me, that is. Easy to focus on cats everywhere. But it’s getting better!

Monday my boot-camp will start, and it looks like this:

I have listed all the exercises and how important they are for my endpoints. I have divided them into separate weeks, two every week (sometimes three). That means that I will train other things as well, but focus on those exercises. On the right side, I made a list of how they all are today: good things and need-to-work-on things.

Every week gets a page of its own:

Just some blank space to fill with that week’s training.

Monday we start! Heelwork, entering the arena, and what to do between exercises. We both look forward to it!


The joy of lists

The joy of lists

Sometimes I like to sit in and just let my mind wander and practice my handwriting.

Sometimes I don’t want to think at all, and can’t even think of anything to do with my dog.

Luckily, I have found the perfect way to combine these two moods: list making!

Making a list of things is a perfect activity to calm down my brain ( I have already spoken about braindumps, this is kind of the same thing). And I get something useful to write at the same time.

And best of all: the next time I feel the other way – brain not turned on at all but want to do something – I have my list and can choose from a whole bunch of things!

This list goes with my activity tracker. As I read it today, I can add more things. It’s that kind of day. Yesterday, I couldn’t think of a single thing to do, and got out my list and chose to work on sit pretty during the commercial breaks in my TV-show. Perfect! This morning before my brain woke up, I went for a walk with the dogs. I glanced at my list as I walked by, saw “find it”, and put three toys in my pocket. And we did some find it in the tall grass!

What would you like a list of? Or do you already have one you find extra useful? Share! 🙂

Filmtime! The making of a “Nose-art” quote.

Filmtime! The making of a “Nose-art” quote.

Material used:

Nuuna calender

Faber Castell art aquarelle pens


Black brush pen

The inspiration comes from my nose-art-covered windows…

I have absolutely no idea if this is fun to watch or not (I find these kinds of films hypnotic), so please leave a comment!


Bullet Journal for dog owners – where do you start?

Bullet Journal for dog owners – where do you start?

I’ll kick this blog off with a copy of my KelpiePhoto-post. Sorry if you have already read it, but I think it makes a good start.

When I do things I have a tendency to overdo things (it’s more fun that way). Bullet Journaling is no exception…I now have my everyday green leuchtturm 1917, I have one for my dogs, I have just started one for my business, and last week I laid my hands on this beauty: a Midori Travelers Notebook. Hey, I GOT to have a Midori! I mean…it’s MY DOG! It’s just meant to be. And the Midori paperclips are shaped just like her.


I haven’t really started it yet, but I got all my wonderful students to leave me a message at graduation in it. That makes me happy! ?

And, yesterday, I did something I have thought about for…well almost two weeks! I started a “show-and-tell” BuJo that I will use to show you and tell you about BuJo for dog trainers! I even started an Instagram called “BuJofordogtrainers”. Spread the word, there is a need!

So…why plan your dog-life? I am a firm believer of “Think – Plan – Do” when it comes to dog training. I have written extensively about that (in Swedish) here, and I have written about setting goals for your training (also Swedish) here.


So, I have planned my training for the last 7-8 years, in different ways. In Bullet Journaling I have found a system flexible and simple enough for my needs, and it’s really, really fun!

So first step – you need a notebook and a pen. Any notebook. Any pen. It. Does. Not. Matter. Wich. One. As long as you start ?

I like pretty things, and I’m a shopaholic, so I get stuff all the time. Not because I need it, but because I WANT it. There’s a difference! But as I buy and test stuff, I might as well share it with everyone. It makes me happy to do so, and as I enjoy watching other people’s tests I guess some of you will enjoy mine.

So for this project, I chose a black Nuuna with dot grid, as I want to colour a lot the thicker paper works really well.


So far I have used my Tombows and Stabilo 88, and a Frixion clicker 0,5. And a ruler. You do not, I repeat DO NOT have to draw or write pretty or use a lot of colours. I do because I love to do it, not because it makes me a better dog trainer. But planning and evaluating my training does make me a better dog trainer, and I think it’s more fun this way.


The first pages are my Index. The index tells me where to find stuff. The index allows me to put everything literally on the next available page, because the pages all have numbers (if they don’t I write the numbers), and I find that really great. i love the feeling of “organised chaos” of NOT having everything in neat piles but STILL be able to find it.


In my previous journals (because I have had so many… just kidding – I have NOT, but I’m a fast learner) I just played by ear and wrote the pages down as I went along. That works fine, but I already know some spreads I want and I have chosen to categorise a bit. So the first column is spread, the next column is page(s). As I need more space (or want to do it differently) I add pages. Dog facts may appear at page 8, 15, and 106, depending on if I want to add more fact and need more space. But it will only be listed once. Get it? (I’m sure you do, you’re not stupid! But if you don’t that’s my fault for not explaining it right – please ask so I can get better.)

And the next thing I love is the key.


The key is a reminder of symbols, and mean I can write less and still get what I mean. I can use colours (Midori is green, Valle is blue) to easily see wich dog does what. The washi tape will be used around the edge of the paper to show which category, so if I want to look at “everyday stuff” I look at the yellow pages. Easy-peasy.

“Migrate” means that I planned a task we did not do, so I move it ahead. To the next day, next week, or…never. The arrow makes sure that I make a choice.

“Look out” means that I see a small thing in ur training that I need to work with or just monitor in the future.

And the flowers are because they are pretty and I like colouring.


Those of you that follow me on Instagram may feel a little confused at the moment… This is how it works:

@kelpiephotography is my photo-insta. Here you will find photos from my work as a photographer.

@TheCreativeKelpie is my personal Insta. I post things I like. A lot of it BuJo-related.

@BuJoforDogtrainers is my Insta for…well…this! Bullet Journaling for dog trainers!

And @MidoriThePrincess you find Midoris own Insta.

I would love for you to follow me! I hope to be as inspiring for you as the ones I follow are for me ?

And…there is the FB-group (Swedish) Bullet Journal för hundtränare. Join it, it’s awesome. If I get enough followers on Insta, or I see that this blog gets attention, I’ll host an English-speaking FB-group as well. Tell your dog-loving friends!