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This weekend, I had a workshop for dog trainers. I always mix training and lectures, and quite a few of my students were taking notes. I knew from the beginning that I would share my powerpoints but kept silent. Why? Because the more senses you engage – the better you learn. And I find that if a student knows that they will get my own notes to read, they are less likely to write notes themselves.  I want people to learn, I want them to take notes. 

This is a fact that applies to almost everyone – with a few exceptions. If you not only listen but also reflect and write, you will learn more and remember better. It also stops your mind from wandering. But it’s an acquired skill! You need to train yourself to be able to listen and write at the same time. And no, it’s not the same to take a photo of the screen with your phone. If you want to use your phone or computer, you still have to type for it to work. You still have to make a conscious choice what to write, what is important.

Most of the time when I take notes, I know I’ll never look at them again and they are unreadable. I still do it, as it helps me remember and process what I hear. But sometimes I actually want to be able to easily see what I wrote down, and that’s when I use colors, headlines, bullet points, and really try to make it easy to follow what I mean. I prefer short sentences that are incomplete but get the core of the message.

This is the school assignment I’m currently working on. The notes are from different articles, to collect the important stuff in one place. The assignment called for some reflection, so I drew a picture to help me think. Works every time!

And these are my notes from a lecture about Instagram. 

Two different ways to take notes and both of them work for me. 

What do your notes look like?

Create something every day

Create something every day

Yesterday, I had a short workshop in the Family Corner at Falsterbo Horse Show on how to draw animals. My audience, two girls, asked me the best way to improve. My answer is simple: practice! And not only what you already know, new things that you haven’t tried before! Create something new every day. Big or small. With whatever tools you like.

I tend to use my camera, or just doodle something, and to help myself think in new ways I joined the Boho Berry Challenge this month. I have already shown some of my work on Instagram and FB, but wanted to just give an idea of how my mind works and how I thought about some of the challenges so far:

It would be easy to show a selection of the tools I use, pens, colors, stickers, and so on. But as I thought about it, I realized that this is the real truth.
I love ferns, I love green, I love patterns, and I love simplicity.
These two figures came to me last year, and they are supposed to be me and Midori. I really like them, they are easy to draw and to give different expressions. My style.
I thought about picking some flowers and glue on to the “nature” page, but I don’t do that normally. So I drew some of my favorite shapes instead: Poppy, butterfly and some kind of seed (maybe barley?) I actually love the whale. Something blue immediately got my mind into the water, and to me, blue symbolizes freedom and loneliness as well.
I’ve moved almost all my watercolors to my new house but had two small sets left. I love to use watercolor!
And some of my handwriting. Read the quote. Think about it.

Now go out, and create something today!

DIY insert for Midori Travelers Notebook

DIY insert for Midori Travelers Notebook

As you know, I love my Midori (both my dog and my traveller’s notebook, but for now I’m going to focus on the TN). There has been only one problem: finding the right insert. Midori’s own inserts are very nice, but they don’t have dot grid that I love working with. I have tried a few places online, but it just wasn’t, you know, right!

I tend to use fountain pens a lot, and I want absolutely no feathering or bleeding. Ghosting I don’t mind. The best paper I have tried is Rhodia dotbook. I love the smoothness!

I also like to make my own designs, and watercolour wet on wet is just…beautiful!

So, I decided to try and make my own insert! Cover with watercolour paper, Rhodia paper on the inside. How hard can it be? Not hard at all, it turned out!

  1. Make the cover. that was fun! Wet on wet, lots of colours, and I added splashes of water to get the pattern.
  2. Cut my papers to the right size. I had to fold them first, to make sure it would look right folded (papers in the middle need to be a bit smaller than the ones at the start and finish!). I made the cover slightly bigger.
  3. I don’t do machines, I’m a bit scared of them. So, I persuaded my husband to drill some holes through what was going to be the spine. Then I used some thick sowing thread and just sewed the papers together. Easy!
  4. The last step was to write “The Creative Kelpie” with a fineliner.
  5. Done!

I have already put it to use, it’s my social media insert where I try to plan and keep track of everything I put out there…

And I put together a small film to show off! (Can you tell I’m kind of proud…?)!

And don’t forget to subscribe to my brand new youtube channel!


And the winner is…

And the winner is…

The two people chosen by Midori as winners are:

Jessica Adamsson and Sara Malmqvist! CONGRATULATIONS!

(I put all the names on different notes, put the notes on the floor, and Midori pointed out two notes to me.)

The winners should receive their packages next week 🙂

And now for something completely different!

Sometimes I feel like I’m the last to know, but a few days ago I discovered Skillshare. And it’s amazing! I get to learn doodles, lettering, Instagram, photography, watercolour, and just about everything else you can imagine, in short, simple video lessons.

With a few tips and pointers from Peggy Dean at The pigeon letters, and Yasmina at YasminaCreates, I created this: brush lettering, doodles, and a nice flat lay photo. You will see changes in my Instagram…To the better!

And as I always want to share stuff I love, here are two month’s Skillshare for free!

I hope you will enjoy learning new things as much as I do 🙂

Thank you!

Thank you!

In my latest newsletter, I had a small survey. I have gotten a lot of replies, and I just want to THANK YOU all! You have sent me a lot of love and appreciation, and it has really made my whole week 🙂 I feel the love!

When you participated you also got the chance to win one of two prizes, and I will randomly choose the two winners on Friday and announce them here (and of course directly to the winners)!

Short post today, but I have a lot of stuff going on that just needs to fall into place…a little while longer…Spend some quality time with your dog while you wait! 😉



When it’s raining, it’s pouring…

When it’s raining, it’s pouring…

Today it’s raining. A lot. We have moved from the coast into the forests of Småland, and have settled in a small parking lot by the side of the road. This is where we’ll spend the night, snug and dry in our motorhome 🙂

So. What do you do without your toys in a small space with limited internet and electricity?

Ola is in the bed in the back, playing “pet rescue saga”.

I have worked on a challenge I joined, called the ContentCreationChallenge. For 15 days I’m supposed to create with a specific content in mind. Today it’s “emotion” and “no face”. This is my contribution:

The meaning of the challenge is to embrace and try new things. This photo is soooo far out of my comfort zone as an artist, and I would love to hear your thoughts!

The emotion I was going for is fear. I love horror movies and even better podcasts. “Creepypodden” is my favoutrite (try “knife point horror” for something i english). Why? Because when I listen to creepypasta and ghost stories (or read them!) instead of seeing the film, my imagination gets to run free. So, this is what’s inside my head. Sometimes.

You can follow my 15 days at my photography-instagram Kelpiephotography.

I actually do two more challenges this month, on TheCreativeKelpie instagram you can see my contributions to #rockyourhandwriting because, well, I need to practice my handwriting. And I do the #bohoberrychallenge (It’s about planning this month, and I find that extremely interesting…).

Plans for the evening:

  • Dress up in raingear
  • Dress the dogs in raingear
  • Walk the dogs
  • Wipe 8 paws
  • Hang up all rainclothes to dry
  • Watch my windows get all steamy…


My love for fountain pens

My love for fountain pens

I have always been interested in writing, calligraphy, and fountain pens. I remember when a was about ten years old and got a fountain pen with three different nibs and four colours ink for my birthday. The joy! Then I splashed ink everywhere and couldn’t get the hang of calligraphy, and then the pen broke down (buy cheap get cheap). But my fascination was still there! I got a bit burned though and didn’t get another one.

Until a month ago. I was in my favourite store, Lexi paper in Lund, and looked at the Midori Travellers notebook that I was going to buy.  My eyes fell on a display of beautiful pens. “Lamy”. Not very expensive. I tried to write with one. Oh, smooth! It felt really good in my hand. And the colours…

After that, I was an easy victim for the nice woman behind the counter. “I have three of those, in different colours. Have you seen the beautiful ink? What nib do you prefer?”

The text is my list for a photo-viewing with a client. I make lists of everything. It helps me think.

I got a 1mm calligraphy nib because I love the subtle calligraphy-effect. It’s not much, but it’s there. And emerald-green ink (not the one in the photos), in cartridges to keep it simple.

Last week I had finished my first cartridge of ink, and I loooove the pen! The shades of the ink, the feel, the texture. It looks so vivid! And it’s very nice to write with, no cramp in my fingers, no stiffness! So I got back to the store, bought a converter that makes it possible to use any ink, and started the search for The Perfect Ink. I like green, but the emerald green I started with felt a bit sharp.

After flipping through a booklet of 50 different kinds of ink, I settled for Pilot Iroshizuku Tsuki-yo. A dark teal, absolutely beautiful.

The screen doesn’t make it justice, but it’s about the same colour as the pen itself. I also got an aubergine tone that I haven’t tried yet.

Knowing myself it’s just a matter of time before I get my second fountain pen. But I want to find The Perfect Pen before I order (and I probably will have to order, I haven’t found the ones I like in a store yet), and those things take time! The ones I’m looking at are not cheap, so I want to be sure.

As for using the converter: so much easier than I thought! And this time I don’t have ink anywhere but on the paper, and I do know how to write “every-day-calligraphy” when I want to 🙂

I get the best result in my Leuchtturm1917 or my Midori, in my Nuuna the ink seems a little bit darker and feathers just a little (but it still looks nice!). That makes sense, the coated paper in LT and Midori is made for fountain pens. The paper in Nuuna is thicker but not coated, and that makes the result a bit different.

And while I’m deciding on The Perfect Pen, I think I’ll get a fine nib for my Lamy, just to see the difference. Soon I will have three nibs and four colours ink, just as when I was a child…



I had a post planned on reviewing new pens today, but they didn’t arrive yesterday so that post has to wait.

Instead, I’m going to write about something else entirely!

I’m doing the #bohoberrychallenge, and this month it’s about personal growth. Really interesting to think about! It’s only a challenge, nothing serious, but it feels good to think about the “deeper things” in life if even just a little bit. Yesterday the question was “what is personal growth to you?”. I had nothing. I mean, I know what personal growth is! Sort of…Or do I?

I thought about how I wanted to do the challenge. Doodle? Quote? Photo? Drawing? I looked at other people’s comments. I googled quotes. And then I went to bed.

So this morning, I realised how I wanted to do it:

It all comes down to this one word, at least to me.


What do you believe in today?

Filmtime! The making of a “Nose-art” quote.

Filmtime! The making of a “Nose-art” quote.

Material used:

Nuuna calender

Faber Castell art aquarelle pens


Black brush pen

The inspiration comes from my nose-art-covered windows…

I have absolutely no idea if this is fun to watch or not (I find these kinds of films hypnotic), so please leave a comment!