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The shop has grown!

The shop has grown!

This morning, I finally restocked my shop with some new items!

The planner packs I put together a few weeks ago flew off the shelves. I’ve gotten some feedback and made some adjustments, and there are three different packs at the moment – brand new!

The planner packs are put together for everyone who just needs something fast and easy to plan their training, and still like a bit of color and flare.

My dogs really appreciate something to chew on,  so I’ve searched for a brand with good quality chews. I settled for Pommys, and my dogs loooove all their products! Perfect to keep them occupied while I plan our training 🙂

For the time being, I only ship to Sweden from the shop. If you live in another country everything is possible – just contact me!

Setup October

Setup October

This month is all about efficiency, and my setup is nothing fancy – just what I need, and a bit of color and stickers. I’ve added a few things, but I’ll get to that 🙂

No cover page, straight to an overview of the month.


I’ve migrated some of these from September’s list, but most of them are new.
My social media spread, with a new tracker for posting in my different areas of work. Hopefully, it will be easier to read.

A new thing I added is a schedule, a basic outline for when to work with what to make sure everything gets worked on. I made sure to schedule some free time as well!

For once, I’ve made all the weeklys for this month in advance – just to see how that works out for me.

This week.
I’m trying out something new for next week: a timeline at the top of every day. The idea is to make it really visible when I do what, and plan each day in the morning.
The timeline is clearer, I believe in the concept!

And when I get here, it’s time to review and see what worked and what needs to change.

All the stickers are from Me & my big ideas – This colorful life and A planner piece.

Meet my insecurities, let’s count in one, two, three

Meet my insecurities, let’s count in one, two, three

This song by Lova is on the radio at the moment. I love this quote about the song from the artist herself:

This song I hold near and dear to my heart. It’s about me realizing and accepting my insecurities and taking control over my own life. Having insecurities doesn’t make you weak but loving them makes you strong. Life isn’t black or white, right or wrong, life is messy and has many complex layers. So try to accept and love every part of yourself, ‘cause each thing makes you, you. I hope my song can be a reminder of that. I hope that when you’re having a bad day and maybe feeling insecure, it can lift you up and make you feel better about yourself.

And it really does make me feel better about myself after a night filled with worry. It’s OK not to be perfect. It’s OK to doubt, to be insecure, to feel “not good enough”. I even want to go as far as saying it’s normal, it’s human. Accepting that I don’t feel on top of the world every single day makes it easier. (Note that I’m not talking about mental illness such as depression or anxiety – that’s something else!)

For me, the trick is courage (or maybe stupidity and stubbornness). To do it anyway. Close my eyes and jump. Trust my wings. 

Especially the last words I have taken to heart. Never cackle. Ever.

What does this have to do with bullet journaling or dog training?

Because I don’t do “blind faith”. I stack the cards in my favor, by careful planning. It’s a way for me to take control, and to have control makes the worry go away. If I know the what, when, where and how, it’s easier to fly.

Tomorrow (Saturday), Tuesday, and Friday, I will be at Falsterbo Horse Show. I and my friend Emelie will do workshops for kids about how to greet and pet dogs, clicker training, photography, writing, and how to draw animals. I have printed and laminated photos for a display, and will also be talking about and selling my book.

And yes, I worry – about not being good enough, interesting enough. That it will all be a waste of time, money and effort. About bringing my dogs to a warm and crowded place. And a thousand other things. But I do it anyway! I plan for the difficulties I see, prepare the best I can, and grow my wings as big and strong as I can.

To quote another artist:

I believe I can fly

(And if you’re visiting Falsterbo Horse Show, come to the family corner and say hi!)




What is GDPR?

It’s the General Data Protection Regulation, that comes into effect may 25.

It’s a good thing, it protects me online and makes sure my name, email, and other personal data doesn’t get abused.

It’s also a bit of a pain in the ass for the small businesses out there, like myself. But, I think I’m done!

For you, my beloved viewer/reader/client, it means that I have updated my privacy policy (it’s really short, but I think it covers it all) and made sure that your personal data is safe. 

It also means one more thing: if you subscribe to my newsletter, you got a letter today asking you to renew your subscription. After 25/5 I need to delete all my old e-mail lists, and I hope you want to be on the new one! If you haven’t subscribed yet, please do!



Two things to keep in mind when setting up your BuJo

Two things to keep in mind when setting up your BuJo

Today I sent out my first lesson n my free e-course on how to use the BuJo in your dog training. To do a good job I spend some time on social media, looking for ideas, reading about what people do and don’t do with their BuJo, what inspiration they want, and what problems they have.

From what I read I want to give two pieces of advice, that are my personal thoughts:

1.Think about what YOU need to have in your BuJo.

There are endless lists of stuff you CAN have, and people love to show you what THEY have, but the whole point is to gain time – not loose time. So choose what YOU need. There are no rules. There are no “have to”-s.

My monthlies:

Every month I make a few goals for the month and break the goals down to tasks that I track. I have my dates, my goals, and my tasks on the left. On the right you find my trackers – the first one is about how often I train. Recalls and position are divided into four boxes, and I mark when I train the different aspects of the exercise. Level B (behind the treats) shows what behaviours my dogs know in Parkour level B, what we need to train, and what I have on film.  And on the bottom right, a list of different parkour behaviours that I want to use in films.

This is what I need, this month.

2. Forget to be perfect. Just write.

The major purpose of my BuJo is to get me to do the stuff I need to do when I need to do it. If it looks fancy and pretty that’s nice, but the function is the most important thing. A daily page takes me two minutes to lay out, the perfect amount of time to actually think about what we are going to train.

This is a notebook and a black pen I found in a drawer. Nothing fancy. Four lines, the day and date, and five things that are important to me: what to train, why to train it, tendencies I need to deal with, what went really well, and “think about this”. It’s not artsy or coloured. But to me, it’s pretty – because it’s functional.

I have found that the “art thing” really is quite relaxing and fulfilling for me, so I have added more of that (as you will see later). But that actually is something else – that is about my creativity wanting to come out through my fingers. I know that so is the case for a lot of BuJo-users, and the possibility to be really creative is one of the things I love about it, but it is not “necessary”!

Let me show you an easy daily layout (two days, I quickly noticed that I didn’t need more space than half a page/day), and how easily you can use some washi tape if you want to “spice it up” in one minute:

“Wait! Didn’t you mention an e-course…?”

Well, I’m glad you asked! Yes, I did! And you find it HERE.  

Join the fun! It’s free…;)