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Moving into a Happy Planner

Moving into a Happy Planner

To fulfill my need of change, I’m leaving the “pure” bullet journal system for a while – I’m going to try a combination of a happy planner, business planner and my “happy book” for everything else.

I got the happy planner mini. I’m a bit worried, as I start planning it feels a bit small, but on the other hand, I wont’t have as much in there as I had in my Filofax notebook. So far I got this:

My goals for next year, and the word for 2019: Harmony.

A budget for 2019, to make sure I can pay my bills every month.

A collection of blog posts.

Monthly overview – preprinted.

My client workflow, and my client list. I actually have clients for 2019, but I haven’t transferred them yet 🙂

Project list and project planning. Again, preprinted – but with a little tweak.

And I will have weeklys and dailies when I need to, also preprinted.

I have absolutely no idea how this will work out…But we’ll see soon enough! 



A little bit overwhelmed…

A little bit overwhelmed…

About a month ago I had an idea about a Dog Training Planner Pack, that would be really easy to use. Preprinted planning templates to put on the refrigerator (or wherever you see them), a small notebook to bring to training, a few good pens, some stickers for fun, and a binder to keep everything in one place.

So. What do you do when you get an idea? I just went with it…

I got an online store and spent a few days learning how it works.

I got a partner to buy necessary items from (luckily I have good credibility as a business, so they partnered with me even though I’m like really really small).

I invested, got the goods, and tested it. 

I took pictures and made a film.

And I posted the four finished packs in my FB-group, at an introduction price, to get some feedback.

It soon turned out that four was NOT enough! In 30 minutes I even sold my backup pack!

Some phone calls later, I got my hands on additional three and a half pack (the half pack only holds one notebook instead of two). Unfortunately not at the same super low cost, so I had to raise the price a little. I offered them to people who had shown interest, and boom – two more gone.

At this moment I have one full pack, and one pack missing one notebook left. This is what you get:

Monday, I get to ship the seven packs I made yesterday, to seven happy owners. It feels A-MA-ZING. It’s not the money (there will be none left, shipping is more expensive than I thought! I will get back what I put in, no more). It’s the fact that I had the courage to follow up on an idea, and it worked! HAPPYDANCE!

For now, my shop is out of stock on a lot of items. But there are some left, and I will order again on Monday – there will be new products at the end of the week. 

Do you want one of the two remaining packs? The complete one is in my shop right now:

The second one is priced to 269:-, as it’s a notebook short (and shipping, 100:-). Contact me if you want that one –

Today I celebrate!



My “bring with me”-notebook

My “bring with me”-notebook

My BuJo is not as big as it could be, I keep it rather slim. But it’s still too big to bring when I go training – I’ve felt the need for a smaller and slimmer notebook for a while. To plan and take notes “on the go”, and then bring it into my bigger BuJo when I get home. That also takes away the pressure of doing things pretty – I’ll sort through it and rewrite it anyway.

I also need a notebook to bring with me when I give classes, to keep my planning in. You know, as I tend to get lost in the moment I need my notes to stay on track and teach what I’m supposed to be teaching, not what seems most interesting at the moment.

The one I settled for is a Moleskine cahier. I chose a large, as I need a little space, but in retrospect maybe a smaller one would work. I like the craftsmanship, the feel of it, and the sleek design.

I started by making it feel like mine, using a Tombow monotwin that looks perfect on the rough cover:

The paper is 70 g ivory, 5 mm dot grid. It feels smooth, and the pages are quite thin to make the notebook really slim. That means I have to be extra careful what pens I use, as I get some ghosting and even bleeding from the wrong pens.

So far, I’ve used Zig drawing pen 0,1 for all the writing – works like a charm with no ghosting. Zig clean color ghosts a little but doesn’t bleed (and I love, love, love the colors and the brush nibs!). As a highlighter, I’ve tried Staedtler textsurfer classic – they ghost a little but no bleeding.

This concept works well, as I can put it in my pocket it travels with me where I want to go. I know, I could bring my pink BuJo covered in stickers with me in my bag – but somehow I just don’t. 

It’s also an advantage for me to read my notes again and rewrite the important stuff, it helps my brain remember and work with my next training plan. I need some repetitions to actually get things…

I actually liked this idea so much, I decided to sell the items. You find them in my shop (sorry, I only ship to Sweden at the moment). Take a look!


Why all the stickers?

Why all the stickers?

The last month or so I’ve gone completely sticker-mad. I think it’s because it’s so hot right now, my mind is set on “low energy”. My brain just loves shapes and colors, and this way I can get that without more creativity involved than choosing the right sticker, peel it off, and put in in the right place. It’s a little bit like making a collage. I find extremely relaxing.

In order to suit summertime lazy days, I’ve changed my weekly design. It’s horizontal, three boxes each day, and the last three boxes are for the week’s projects.


  • I no longer have my hour schedule, and that is actually a bit of a problem that I will have to solve for next week.
  • It feels a bit…messy. Or maybe I just need to get used to this layout. 


  • My stickers fit perfectly.
  • the extra box gives room for whatever – memories, gratitude, quotes, pictures, doodles.
  • I use every last bit of the paper. Somehow that feels good.
  • I like the overall look.

I’ll just stick with it for a few weeks and make minor changes, and see where I end up!

Stickers have also made my self-care spreads easier. This is my fifth week of eating better and moving more, and it feels really good!

To plan dinners ahead of time instead of in the store makes it easier to choose healthy (or adjust the rest of the meals if I want to eat at McDonald’s). I looked at the statistics, and I have increased my steps with 1/3 since I started to track them. This week I added “veg of the day” (it can be a fruit), to start eating more greens. I also count my calorie intake, at that has stopped my evening snacks. I’m on my way to a healthier me!

My out’n out training gets a spread of its own. Three sessions every week with cardio or strength, during my dog walk. This is my third week going, and I’m starting to notice the change! It feels GOOD!

I discovered early that I more willingly look at a spread that is colorful and fun. That means that the stickers actually help me get things done!

My favorites are (and I get NO benefits from the companies for writing this):

Fitness stickers from Me & my big ideas

Planner basics from Me & my big ideas

This colorful life from Me & my big ideas

Natural history from Pepin

Weekly planner stickers 

And there are about a million others…

Moving into a Filofax

Moving into a Filofax

There are two reasons to why I decided to leave my Rhodia only halfway through and start a new Filofax.

  1. I get bored and want to try new things.
  2. The idea of movable pages spoke to me! I love my weekly layout and seldom change it – I could make a template and print it! And save a lot of time!

Said and done. Meet my new companion!

I planned to start next week, with June, and made a nice layout:

I especially like the “feel good list of tasks”. Still in the middle of moving, and I need to do something FUN besides cleaning and fixing things…

But I couldn’t stop…A week later, it looks like this:

I think this one is a keeper! Until next time I get bored…:D

Project: project!

Project: project!

As I mentioned in my last post, my brain likes to think in projects. For some time I have worked on the perfect layout (and will probably keep working on it), and I have a result!

First: I want to have all my business-related projects in one notebook. This one is business only, and that means KelpiePhoto, TheCreativeKelpie, and Kelpiestuds (my dog training school). They all work with different aspects of my business, and I keep them separated. But still together. (You see why I needed to think about how I want the layout? :D)

That means: yippie, new notebook! I chose a Dingbat. Why? Because I’ve never seen one IRL, and I was curious. The pages are perforated and easy to rip out. They are not numbered, so I can number the ones I want. It has a back pocket, a ribbon, and really nice off-white paper with 5mm dot grid. And most importantly: it has a whale on the cover. A whale!

In my index goes “big and important need-to-find”-stuff. Not every page. But the page before my index is way more important – it’s my reminder why I do what I do, and what I need to succeed.

Freedom. This whole year is about freedom. Quitting my day job to have more time for my business, moving to a new house, practicing with pen and paper and camera, blogging, filming, teaching, learning…It’s all about freedom. A never-ending journey.

Next comes my “someday maybe”-list. It’s still empty on paper, but not in my head. Will be updated 😉

And after that, my “any day”-list, and my “master project”-list. The master project list is where I keep track of my projects. They are color-coded, have a deadline if needed, and a page number – this is like a “project index”.

It continues on the next page, and whenever it’s full I’ll just make a new one. 

And then every project gets a page of its own, with tasks and deadlines and everything else. I have more projects going than these, but a little bit at a time! Currently, every project gets one page, and if they need more pages I’ll just add one on the next blank page and write the new page number next to the old one in the MPL. Simple.

The project task lists can be short, like above, or longer, like below.

So, you see? They are separated, but still together. Easy to see the big picture, and to move tasks from the projects I’m currently working on into my weekly and daily plan. Totally flexible, but still gives structure. 

What I may need is some sort of timeline, to see when I’m very busy and when I can squeeze in something new and exciting! But, maybe not. I’ll try this and see how it feels, and adapt as I go along.

And I guess all you dog owners already see the use of this system in dog training! Every behavior you want to train could be a project. Every trial could be a project. Every course or workshop. Projects FTW!

As for the Dingbats notebook: you can see for yourself that there is no ghosting with my mildliners and unipins. The paper is smooth and very nice to write on, no matter what pen. No feathering, no smudging (a bit depending on the pen, of course). The colors look beautiful. I’m very pleased!

New competition – new plans!

New competition – new plans!

Last week I was at a clicker training camp with students from five different schools, and that kind of took all my time and energy…And Monday I got some new toys for my camera that I have been playing with, but today I have made the time to think about our next competition!

This time its rally-obedience. We have competed in the highest class a few times with decent results, but it’s been over a year and I’m curious – what will float and what will sink?

The last two weeks se have done some training, mainly right-side-heeling and endurance, and it works well. Our struggles are the same as ever, keeping still. But I’m happy to discover that other things seem to really work, like understand that she has to listen to the cue for stand/sit/lie down in front, and spins in both directions both sides.

So this is the plan:

Design: metallic gel pens (gelly roll), for the first time in my Nuuna. I can’t decide if I like them or not, I think I’ll keep them for my black book only.

First page: Day by day schedule, with a smiley to the right to measure the feeling.

Left side: my goals for this competition. Dream, realistic, safety.

Let’s see how this works out!

Oh, and if you’re curious about my new camera toys, check out the blog on!

Vacation and back to boot-camp

Vacation and back to boot-camp

Just home from a week at Fuerteventura, I blog about my trip on Kelpiephoto and you will see some inspired artwork here in a near future 🙂

While I was away, my to bigger dogs stayed with my parents and lived a life of luxury. Midori, who requires a bit more…active “hotel”, stayed at a dog training friend of mine and her two dogs. She has had a terrific time playing with her new friends! Unfortunately, my friend got the flu and the planned boot-camp training was canceled.

That means that this week will be repetition and mini-chains with emphasis on retrieving and distance work. My setup is a big tracker, it looks like this:

On the top, each exercise has a color (today I chose my new zebra mildliners, they are beautiful!). On the left all the days starting with today, and columns for training chains, competition like, other places, and distractions.

20 days to go until competition! 


Celebrating my birthday with a new Travelers notebook!

Celebrating my birthday with a new Travelers notebook!

Actually, my birthday is tomorrow, but Friday is blog day so…Here goes!

I got my present from my mother a few days ago, a beautiful travelers notebook cover from Cesare leathers on Etsy. I know leather, and it’s always risky to order a leather product I haven’t been able to touch – but this one is perfect! Thick leather of top quality, beautifully made.

This is my setup for my everyday life:

And if you want to see how I made the cover of the art journal insert this morning, here is a speed version:


What did you get for christmas?

What did you get for christmas?

I got wonderful, beautiful, glorious pencils!

Faber-castell polychromos. All 120. I am in heaven…

I have kind of no idea how to use them, but of course I have tried them out!

First a color test.

Tested in my Rhodia goalbook, it will be my main BuJo 2018. At least my first…

Next: colouring.

I love the brightness of the colors and how easy they are to blend!

Yesterday I tried a portrait:

Nice, but nowhere near some of the work I have seen with these pencils… Lots to learn!

That means spending a few hours with skillshare and Youtube. And practicing. A lot.

I am one happy wanna-be artist right now!