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Tuesday training

Tuesday training

I try to blog twice a week – Tuesday and Friday (well, give or take a day). Fridays will be kept “holy” for dog training planning, but Tuesday will be open for anything!

And today, “anything” is my new training BuJo. 

“Why a new planner, don’t you like your Filofax anymore?” I hear you ask. And I LOOOVE my Filofax! But. I soon found out that I want to keep all of my old plans and spreads, to be able to compare and use ideas again. And the poor Filofax got a bit…well, fat, actually. So this is the solution!

And what does it look like on the inside? Let’s see!

I took all my favorite spreads from my Filofax and redid them, just a little bit better. My measures every week, ad a quote to remind me to compare only with myself.

My weight journey, with reward stops.

I did a step tracker! I proudly stole the idea from Youtube. This is how far it is from Bag End to Lonely Mountain – the journey from Tolkiens “The Hobbit” that I read for the first time when I was eight and have loved ever since. Of course, someone did the math: they walked 1560 km. One square equals 7000 steps, and I count my steps as one meter (they’re actually more close to 1.20, but it was easier to count that way…) How long will the journey take me?

The September trackers. I really like them, and kept them as they were.

And the weekly. A simple one this time.

And there you have it – my self-care is back on track!

Oh, and another thing. You’ve noticed my new shop right here on this site, right? I put in two freebies for you, one in English and one in Swedish. Enjoy!

R is for Reinforce!

R is for Reinforce!

All beings strive. Towards something, or from something. That’s basic behavior knowledge. A behavior that is reinforced gets stronger. Easy.

As a dog trainer – and sometimes teacher for humans – I use this knowledge to my advantage. I make sure that the behaviors I want to see more of are reinforced, and that the ones I don’t like get as little reinforcement as possible. There are two key elements to this (according to me):

  1. Identify the behavior. Way too often we tend to try to reward results, instead of the behaviors that will LEAD TO the results. It’s often easier that way, because we don’t have to think about the “how”. In my example below, I have put an R (Reward) every time I lose two kilos. Problem is – it doesn’t tell me how to get there. I need to complete this plan with a plan that reinforces the correct behaviors: exercise and healthy food choices.


2. Identify the reinforcers. A good reinforcer is something that the individual is willing to work for: most often something the individual likes to do. Eat, play and socialize are common reinforcers for dogs. I work for money (well, for what the money represents: things I can buy). I also work for praise, attention, appreciation, and the possibility to do things I like to do. Like coloring, writing, or checking boxes. See my spread below: I find it reinforcing to make them, look at them, and fill them in. It feels good.

My training plan (above) and my meal plan (below) identify the behaviors I need to get in better shape (walk a certain amount of steps every day, exercise, run, think about what I eat, and make healthy choices). They work with small reinforcers, enough to keep me on track.


And when all these small behaviors add up – I lose the weight I want to lose. And I get my bigger reward, from the first spread, as a bonus 🙂

I made it!

I made it!

Yesterday I completed the last Out-n-out training session for week four! I have missed one session due to a sprained ancle, and that bugs me a bit, but I have trained – hard and drowning in sweat – three times every week for four weeks! 

And what a session…The task was to do a “Cooper-test”: how far can I get in 12 minutes? (1,39 km uphill, still not quite “average” but almost – see spread further down). On my way back it was downhill, so I thought “can i run all the way home withaout taking a walk-break?”. Turns out I could! 1 km, eight minutes, personal best EVER (yes, including my whole life!). I know, it’s not much compared to most people, but to me: VICTORY!

I’ve used the same spread for Out-n-out all four weeks:

Monday I get access to the sessions of the week to come, and write it down. I plan what days to do what session, and I decorate my spread. A lot. I’m absolutely positive that helps!

And then it’s up to me. 

21 days is passed – now I’m going for 90, to make this new exercise thing my friend for life!

As this seems to be something that stays in my life, I’ve made a new category for those who want quick access to everything about training: Bujo for training. And if you don’t – tough luck…My blog, my decisions 😉