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Go where happiness leads you

Go where happiness leads you

Always when I write a blog post, I start to think about it long before I start to write. This time I wanted to write about how to prioritize and how to choose what to do when you have a lot to do. I wanted to write about how to divide your tasks into “urgent”, “important”, “quick-fix”, “just for fun”, “delegate” and “actually not important or even fun”. And more importantly about how we tend to spend our time doing the wrong things, in the wrong order!

And then it struck me.

This blog actually falls into the last category. It’s not important for my life, it’s not a source of income, and even though it USED to be fun, it’s lately been more of a “have to” than “want to”. Maybe Instagram has taken this blog’s place, and fulfill the need I had when I started it. Or maybe it’s because it’s winter and cold and dark and I hate that. Or maybe my life has just…changed. It’s supposed to do that, now and then πŸ™‚

So, instead of a blog post, this is a “Goodbye for now”. A “So long”. A “See you”. Maybe I’ll start again when the time is right.

Go where happiness leads you. I know I will.


Setting goals – or not?

Setting goals – or not?

As you know I’m a “goal-setter”. That’s how I function best. BUT – I know that some people find that goals can add negative pressure and stress, and get upset if the goals are not met, and that’s not a good way to live your life (in my opinion)!

About a week ago I saw this great idea – instead of new years resolutions, or goals, a friend of mine made a Bingo fΓΆr 2019! No pressure. No stress. Just things she wants to do during the year, big and small.

Of course, I had to make my own:

This is for my life in general and my work life. Some squares are dreams I want to happen, some squares are already booked, some squares are tasks to do.

If you want to make your own and are short for ideas, here are a few tips:

  • “Just do it”-things (like 20 times at the gym)
  • Dreams you want to work on (I want to be on a Swedish radio channel and talk about dog photography, not sure that will happen but I’ll try!)
  • Things you need to plan (I want to do a summer camp for dog trainers, but that won’t plan itself…)
  • Fun things (a weekend trip to Rome with my love)
  • Things you know will happen (just because it’s fun to have some “free squares”…)

What’s on your Bingo?

(And yes, that’s a new planner. A classic sized Happy Planner, the mini just was too small.)

Januari: all about planning for the future!

Januari: all about planning for the future!

1/1. The first day of a brand new year. This will be the year I get everything right the first time around!

Oh, wait…where’s the fun in that..?

Edit: this will be the year I try new things, learn from my mistakes, enjoy the process as much as the end goal, and embrace all my flaws.

Yep. Sound like a lot more fun. πŸ˜€

January is always a month of expectations for me, setting goals for the new year, starting new projects. I enjoy learning from last year and using that knowledge when I make new plans. 2019 I know I will have to structure my business in order to make a good living without working around the clock. Even if I enjoy what I do (hey, I photograph dogs for a living – it’s about as good as it gets), I still like to spend time on my multiple non-profit-projects – such as The Creative Kelpie, including this blog. That means that I will probably write a bit less about dog training, and a bit more about my business, and my life in general.

Starting with my Big Yellow Dailygreatness Business Planner. Yep, I got a pre-printed business planner, to help me sort out my business. And so far it’s been really hard, and I’m not halfway done, but at least I have things like a “business plan” and a “marketing strategy” now! Written down! Not just floating around inside my head!

See this! It’s a business plan! MY business plan! I feel like a real businesswoman, almost like a grown-up…

The reason it’s been hard is that it’s new to me. Even though I’ve had my business for almost ten years, it’s never been my main source of income. I’ve kept my books in order (with a little help) and I’ve spent the money as extra pocket money. I like to buy things. 

What I found out this fall was that I spent A LOT of time doing things that didn’t generate income. Fun things, but I need to change that. So now, I have business goals. Look!

And they’re useful too! And I know why I have them, and where they will lead!

And that’s the reason I got this pre-printed business planner – to get some help with the hard and boring stuff, the necessary stuff, the stuff I didn’t even know I needed. I mean dog training and plan my own life – I KNOW how to plan that. Business? Always room for improvement!

My business goals all got two actions each, and then I focus on three Big Ones for the next quarter. Everything is written down with the What, Why, How and When neatly in order. Even the How Much.

Every Sunday I will set some time aside to review the week and make plans for next week. This week has already begun!

Some help to prioritize to the left. A weekly overview to the right.

And daily tasks every morning of course.

Top three of this week, top three each day. No appointments all week, until the weekend. Nice! I’ll get LOADS of stuff done!

Alongside this, I have my much smaller and easy-to-grab Happy Planner. This week:

Today’s tasks are almost done!

January will be all about goals. Setting them, keeping them, and feeling good about them. Once a week: every Tuesday. Enjoy!

Flip-through of my Happy Book

Flip-through of my Happy Book

Today I want to show you what I use my “Happy book” for! I think it will be even more important during 2019 if I stick to my Happy Planner as my main planner. The perfect place to put anything and everything that just…makes me happy!

Moving into a Happy Planner

Moving into a Happy Planner

To fulfill my need of change, I’m leaving the “pure” bullet journal system for a while – I’m going to try a combination of a happy planner, business planner and my “happy book” for everything else.

I got the happy planner mini. I’m a bit worried, as I start planning it feels a bit small, but on the other hand, I wont’t have as much in there as I had in my Filofax notebook. So far I got this:

My goals for next year, and the word for 2019: Harmony.

A budget for 2019, to make sure I can pay my bills every month.

A collection of blog posts.

Monthly overview – preprinted.

My client workflow, and my client list. I actually have clients for 2019, but I haven’t transferred them yet πŸ™‚

Project list and project planning. Again, preprinted – but with a little tweak.

And I will have weeklys and dailies when I need to, also preprinted.

I have absolutely no idea how this will work out…But we’ll see soon enough! 



2019 – harmony

2019 – harmony

2018 was a year of freedom for me. We moved, I quit my job, my husband started a new job, and I am currently in full control of what I do with my time. It has worked out very nice so far.

2019, I hope, will be a year to find harmony. To settle in, get working routines, know that I will get enough work and earn my living (that’s something that keeps me up at night sometimes…). To, even more, build a life that makes me jump happily out of bed in the morning.

During next year I will have my photography business in focus, and try to grow and expand in the direction I want to go. The Creative Kelpie, my little side project that gives me no money but a lot of fun, will stand aside a little. Maybe you’ll notice, maybe you won’t. Mostly, I think the change is in my head – Instead of feeling guilty that I don’t do all the things I planned, I will put them on hold for a bit. The result is the same, I just feel better about it πŸ™‚

For this blog, I think I’ll work with monthly themes. My ambition is to keep blogging twice a week (more or less) and dig a little deeper in the different themes. Maybe.

January will be all about setting goals! That’s a pet subject that I work with in different ways, and I hope you will be inspired and motivated to pursue your own goals!

New year, new plans

New year, new plans

December is always a busy month. Get Christmas presents, meet the family, cook food (not me, but others do), eat food (that I do!), watch Christmas movies, get in the spirit, and for God’s sake enjoy yourself! (Can you tell that Christmas is a bit overrated if you ask me…?)

I like the days AFTER Christmas. When all is done, there’s food left, I got some nice presents, hubby’s home from work, and there’s a whole new year waiting to happen!

2018 has been a year of changes. 2019 will be a year of settlement, I think. Settle down in our new home, settle down in my work, finding my routines. It will be a good year!

I don’t feel like competing with my dogs at the moment. We kind of hang out together, and I’ve been focusing on making our everyday life work. Now, I can have my kelpies off leash in the forest, nail trimming works, and we mostly hang out together and do fun stuff. Maybe I’ll take an online-class in freestyle. That would be fun.

If you are NOT like me (at the moment at least), but actually want to set goals and achieve something with your dog, I have something for you!

To help you get all your thoughts and ambitions in order, I have made two different planner packs for 2019. They are in Swedish, easy to follow, and the two packs are not only different in design but also in content. Look through the templates and choose the package that suits you the best. Or maybe you’ll make it a Christmas gift for someone special…?

This is the one I made for 2018, updated to 2019 (illustrated with dogs).

And this is a brand new one (not illustrated)!

From the illustrated package

Don’t forget to check out the other items in my shop. I bet you find something you like!

And if you need some inspiration and motivation, as well as some help with your structure, I’ve teamed up with a good friend of mine and we’ll be hosting a workshop together! Guaranteed to make you feel on top of the world πŸ™‚ 

Take it easy this December <3




This weekend, I had a workshop for dog trainers. I always mix training and lectures, and quite a few of my students were taking notes. I knew from the beginning that I would share my powerpoints but kept silent. Why? Because the more senses you engage – the better you learn. And I find that if a student knows that they will get my own notes to read, they are less likely to write notes themselves.  I want people to learn, I want them to take notes. 

This is a fact that applies to almost everyone – with a few exceptions. If you not only listen but also reflect and write, you will learn more and remember better. It also stops your mind from wandering. But it’s an acquired skill! You need to train yourself to be able to listen and write at the same time. And no, it’s not the same to take a photo of the screen with your phone. If you want to use your phone or computer, you still have to type for it to work. You still have to make a conscious choice what to write, what is important.

Most of the time when I take notes, I know I’ll never look at them again and they are unreadable. I still do it, as it helps me remember and process what I hear. But sometimes I actually want to be able to easily see what I wrote down, and that’s when I use colors, headlines, bullet points, and really try to make it easy to follow what I mean. I prefer short sentences that are incomplete but get the core of the message.

This is the school assignment I’m currently working on. The notes are from different articles, to collect the important stuff in one place. The assignment called for some reflection, so I drew a picture to help me think. Works every time!

And these are my notes from a lecture about Instagram. 

Two different ways to take notes and both of them work for me. 

What do your notes look like?

My Happy Book

My Happy Book

One thing I love about Bullet Journaling is that it can be whatever I want it to be.

In my yellow Happy Book, I keep things that make me happy.

First of all, I keep my school-stuff (learning about photography makes me happy).

Then I put in quotes, doodle, and sketches that I just want to make for fun. It’s a place for all things creative and happy!

What will I put in tomorrow? 

I don’t know yet. Whatever makes me happy!


Time flies!

Time flies!

I can’t believe it’s bee two weeks since I visited my blog! Well, you know what they say – time flies when you’re having fun…

A little update:

November is here. 

I have a small obsession about leaves right now. The color, the shape, the texture…

My first school assignment is done. I haven’t got my feedback yet. Kind of nervous. I handled the nervous energy as I always do – turned it into something creative.

And I soon found out I needed dividers in my yellow “Happy book”. Fixed it myself!

And I got water! Running water, hot and cold! I’m in heaven…

Maybe the most important thing: my neighbor cut the grass. We now have no less than THREE big fields to train on. Niiiiice!

Oh, by the way: even if this blog has been silent, my Instagram is very much alive. I have three main accounts:

TheCreativeKelpie  if you’re all about planner stuff

KelpiePhotography if you like dog photos

and the brand new Kelpie.asa if you want to follow my life in general.

I’ve even learned to use Stories… πŸ˜€