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Flip-through of my Happy Book

Flip-through of my Happy Book

Today I want to show you what I use my “Happy book” for! I think it will be even more important during 2019 if I stick to my Happy Planner as my main planner. The perfect place to put anything and everything that just…makes me happy!

My Happy Book

My Happy Book

One thing I love about Bullet Journaling is that it can be whatever I want it to be.

In my yellow Happy Book, I keep things that make me happy.

First of all, I keep my school-stuff (learning about photography makes me happy).

Then I put in quotes, doodle, and sketches that I just want to make for fun. It’s a place for all things creative and happy!

What will I put in tomorrow? 

I don’t know yet. Whatever makes me happy!


Create something every day

Create something every day

Yesterday, I had a short workshop in the Family Corner at Falsterbo Horse Show on how to draw animals. My audience, two girls, asked me the best way to improve. My answer is simple: practice! And not only what you already know, new things that you haven’t tried before! Create something new every day. Big or small. With whatever tools you like.

I tend to use my camera, or just doodle something, and to help myself think in new ways I joined the Boho Berry Challenge this month. I have already shown some of my work on Instagram and FB, but wanted to just give an idea of how my mind works and how I thought about some of the challenges so far:

It would be easy to show a selection of the tools I use, pens, colors, stickers, and so on. But as I thought about it, I realized that this is the real truth.
I love ferns, I love green, I love patterns, and I love simplicity.
These two figures came to me last year, and they are supposed to be me and Midori. I really like them, they are easy to draw and to give different expressions. My style.
I thought about picking some flowers and glue on to the “nature” page, but I don’t do that normally. So I drew some of my favorite shapes instead: Poppy, butterfly and some kind of seed (maybe barley?) I actually love the whale. Something blue immediately got my mind into the water, and to me, blue symbolizes freedom and loneliness as well.
I’ve moved almost all my watercolors to my new house but had two small sets left. I love to use watercolor!
And some of my handwriting. Read the quote. Think about it.

Now go out, and create something today!

Art exhibition, hammerhead shark, and rally obedience competition!

Art exhibition, hammerhead shark, and rally obedience competition!

I’ve done a lot this easter, but I haven’t felt busy or stressed – on the contrary, I’ve had time to try new things. Like drawing sea animals and color them with watercolor pencils. Let’s start there:


This hammer head shark is part of a series, and you can see them as I make them on my Instagram @artbytck .

Easter has been about more art than my drawings: I’vr been part of an art exhibition at my dog club. Four artists, four days! Here is some of my work:

The photos to the left are mine.

In the south of Sweden it’s a tradition to show art during easter, and it’s a lot of fun driving around and visit studios and artists. It’s been a dream of mine to show my work during easter for a long time, and finally it’s happened!

You can see all of the artwork in this movie:

And last, but not least, we have competed. The Princess and I defied the snow and the cold, and we both did really well! The first rally-competition in a long time, and it was very nice to see that some of the things we have been training really worked!

This was my goals and my training plan up to the day:

As you can see, we stuck to my plan until the very end, and it worked. Safety goal – no problems. Realistic goal – almost! I put my feet wrong in one place, and she moved just a little in the stand, but SO MUCH BETTER than it used to be! We’re on the right track 🙂

My evaluation: what worked well, what do we need to train more, and what was the best things. On the opposite side the course and the critique. She did so many moments beautifully, she was happy, she was quiet!

Note to self: do not keep her dummy for retrieving in the same pocket I keep the tug-toy. Misunderstanding is easy…:D

And I’ve planned our starts for this year, and made a plan for next competition (obedience).

A bit late, but still: happy after-easter everyone!


Practice, practice, practice!

Practice, practice, practice!

I love drawing and painting. I haven’t done it for so long, and now when I have started again as an adult, it’s like a wall that has been torn down. My problem is that there is so much in my head that I want to express on paper, but my skills are lacking.

This is the same feeling as when I started to photograph: I knew what I wanted, but didn’t know how to get there.

So what to do?


It really is that easy: things you practice get better. I photographed every single day for many years, tried different techniques, took classes, worked with reference photos, tried different lights, and so on. I still do, it’s a never-ending process. By now, ten years later, I know a little bit more about how to get that end result I want. But it’s an ongoing journey!

So, I’m going to do the same with my artwork. I will move it to the front of the priority list to make at least one piece every week – no matter how small. Each piece will hold a challenge, something that I have never done before, or think is hard and need to train. Every piece that I do take time, time that I rarely have, but I find so much joy in creating that I decide that it’s worth it.

This week I have taken inspiration from my vacation last week (I will use that inspiration for a few more weeks probably, in different motives). We went to see a sanctuary for sea-turtles, where they nurse injured sea-turtles back to health and then release them back into the wild. Sea-turtles are magnificent! I’ve never seen a real one before, and they are so full of grace, seem so gentle, and just fly in the water effortlessly. The ones we saw were in a small pool, and it broke my heart…I really hope they will soon be released into the ocean again!

So, I decided to draw my wish, and hopefully, it comes true. In the meantime, donate some money to save these beautiful creatures! The sanctuary is depending on gifts.

As this is only a training piece, I decided to make it as an art journal page. The end goal is not as important as the way to get there!

Finished. The biggest challenge was the water, and I’m not completely happy with how it turned out, but on the other hand, I love the technique with the ink outline and polychromos coloring. I think the details on the turtle turned out really well, even when it’s enlarged on my screen. Maybe I should have made the black shadow in ink as well to get the color more solid, I’ll try that next time.

I have noticed on Instagram that some of those who like my artwork are not that fond of my BuJo-spreads and vice versa, so I created a new Insta for my artwork: Art by the creative kelpie, or as Instagram shortened it to: artbythecreative.