Time flies!

Time flies!

I can’t believe it’s bee two weeks since I visited my blog! Well, you know what they say – time flies when you’re having fun…

A little update:

November is here. 

I have a small obsession about leaves right now. The color, the shape, the texture…

My first school assignment is done. I haven’t got my feedback yet. Kind of nervous. I handled the nervous energy as I always do – turned it into something creative.

And I soon found out I needed dividers in my yellow “Happy book”. Fixed it myself!

And I got water! Running water, hot and cold! I’m in heaven…

Maybe the most important thing: my neighbor cut the grass. We now have no less than THREE big fields to train on. Niiiiice!

Oh, by the way: even if this blog has been silent, my Instagram is very much alive. I have three main accounts:

TheCreativeKelpie  if you’re all about planner stuff

KelpiePhotography if you like dog photos

and the brand new Kelpie.asa if you want to follow my life in general.

I’ve even learned to use Stories… πŸ˜€

Back to school

Back to school

Tomorrow I will start school again! One year of learning about and working with storytelling in photography, online. I’m so excited!

And such a perfect excuse to get a new notebook…

How could I resist that design? Impossible!

This is what it looks like on the inside, so far:

To find my stuff I need an index. Nuuna doesn’t come with ribbons, but the pages are numbered.

One of my favorite quotes, by Andy Warhol. He should know.

I have no idea how the year will be planned, but I guess an overview of weeks and tasks can’t hurt?

Another favorite quote, and a project planning page. Again, I don’t really know how this whole thing will work, so I’m guessing a bit.

And I’m ready for the first day of school! Now I just have to figure out what to wear…I hear that’s really important nowadays!

The shop has grown!

The shop has grown!

This morning, I finally restocked my shop with some new items!

The planner packs I put together a few weeks ago flew off the shelves. I’ve gotten some feedback and made some adjustments, and there are three different packs at the moment – brand new!

The planner packs are put together for everyone who just needs something fast and easy to plan their training, and still like a bit of color and flare.

My dogs really appreciate something to chew on,  so I’ve searched for a brand with good quality chews. I settled for Pommys, and my dogs loooove all their products! Perfect to keep them occupied while I plan our training πŸ™‚

For the time being, I only ship to Sweden from the shop. If you live in another country everything is possible – just contact me!

What’s your vision?

What’s your vision?

What do you want?

It’s an easy question, right?
I mean – we all know what we want! I know I want a good life, lots of money, and all the time in the world to do what I love.
But…what does that look like? What’s a “good life” to me? How much is “lots of money”? And what is it that I love to do?

How can I get what I want, if I don’t know what it looks like?

I truly believe that in order to reach goals – in dog training as well as in life – you need to know what you want. You need a vision. The more details the better. They will change, of course, but making a detailed vision makes it feel more “real” and makes it easier to make a plan. Because I want to actually REACH my goal – that means I have to plan HOW I’ll reach it. What I actually need to do, what I need to learn, what I need to change, to change my world. That’s the fun part πŸ™‚

I’ve reached a point in my business, where I have a lot of options. A lot of different roads. They all seem like fun! But as I can’t go down them all at once – I need to take some time to think about that first question: What does “a good life” look like to me? What do I really want to do?

This is my task for today:

And I challenge you to make it yours.


Setup October

Setup October

This month is all about efficiency, and my setup is nothing fancy – just what I need, and a bit of color and stickers. I’ve added a few things, but I’ll get to that πŸ™‚

No cover page, straight to an overview of the month.


I’ve migrated some of these from September’s list, but most of them are new.
My social media spread, with a new tracker for posting in my different areas of work. Hopefully, it will be easier to read.

A new thing I added is a schedule, a basic outline for when to work with what to make sure everything gets worked on. I made sure to schedule some free time as well!

For once, I’ve made all the weeklys for this month in advance – just to see how that works out for me.

This week.
I’m trying out something new for next week: a timeline at the top of every day. The idea is to make it really visible when I do what, and plan each day in the morning.
The timeline is clearer, I believe in the concept!

And when I get here, it’s time to review and see what worked and what needs to change.

All the stickers are from Me & my big ideas – This colorful life and A planner piece.

A little bit overwhelmed…

A little bit overwhelmed…

About a month ago I had an idea about a Dog Training Planner Pack, that would be really easy to use. Preprinted planning templates to put on the refrigerator (or wherever you see them), a small notebook to bring to training, a few good pens, some stickers for fun, and a binder to keep everything in one place.

So. What do you do when you get an idea? I just went with it…

I got an online store and spent a few days learning how it works.

I got a partner to buy necessary items from (luckily I have good credibility as a business, so they partnered with me even though I’m like really really small).

I invested, got the goods, and tested it. 

I took pictures and made a film.

And I posted the four finished packs in my FB-group, at an introduction price, to get some feedback.

It soon turned out that four was NOT enough! In 30 minutes I even sold my backup pack!

Some phone calls later, I got my hands on additional three and a half pack (the half pack only holds one notebook instead of two). Unfortunately not at the same super low cost, so I had to raise the price a little. I offered them to people who had shown interest, and boom – two more gone.

At this moment I have one full pack, and one pack missing one notebook left. This is what you get:

Monday, I get to ship the seven packs I made yesterday, to seven happy owners. It feels A-MA-ZING. It’s not the money (there will be none left, shipping is more expensive than I thought! I will get back what I put in, no more). It’s the fact that I had the courage to follow up on an idea, and it worked! HAPPYDANCE!

For now, my shop is out of stock on a lot of items. But there are some left, and I will order again on Monday – there will be new products at the end of the week. 

Do you want one of the two remaining packs? The complete one is in my shop right now:

The second one is priced to 269:-, as it’s a notebook short (and shipping, 100:-). Contact me if you want that one –

Today I celebrate!



My “bring with me”-notebook

My “bring with me”-notebook

My BuJo is not as big as it could be, I keep it rather slim. But it’s still too big to bring when I go training – I’ve felt the need for a smaller and slimmer notebook for a while. To plan and take notes “on the go”, and then bring it into my bigger BuJo when I get home. That also takes away the pressure of doing things pretty – I’ll sort through it and rewrite it anyway.

I also need a notebook to bring with me when I give classes, to keep my planning in. You know, as I tend to get lost in the moment I need my notes to stay on track and teach what I’m supposed to be teaching, not what seems most interesting at the moment.

The one I settled for is a Moleskine cahier. I chose a large, as I need a little space, but in retrospect maybe a smaller one would work. I like the craftsmanship, the feel of it, and the sleek design.

I started by making it feel like mine, using a Tombow monotwin that looks perfect on the rough cover:

The paper is 70 g ivory, 5 mm dot grid. It feels smooth, and the pages are quite thin to make the notebook really slim. That means I have to be extra careful what pens I use, as I get some ghosting and even bleeding from the wrong pens.

So far, I’ve used Zig drawing pen 0,1 for all the writing – works like a charm with no ghosting. Zig clean color ghosts a little but doesn’t bleed (and I love, love, love the colors and the brush nibs!). As a highlighter, I’ve tried Staedtler textsurfer classic – they ghost a little but no bleeding.

This concept works well, as I can put it in my pocket it travels with me where I want to go. I know, I could bring my pink BuJo covered in stickers with me in my bag – but somehow I just don’t. 

It’s also an advantage for me to read my notes again and rewrite the important stuff, it helps my brain remember and work with my next training plan. I need some repetitions to actually get things…

I actually liked this idea so much, I decided to sell the items. You find them in my shop (sorry, I only ship to Sweden at the moment). Take a look!


The bucket game

The bucket game

Even though I try to make the life of my dogs as pleasant as possible, there is one area that I could improve: nail trimming. They cooperate, I can trim their nails without problems, but they really, really, really donΒ΄t like it. They put up with it because I make them. Gently but firmly. With treats and praise, but still…they would choose not to participate if they could.

Am I happy with that? I was once. I’m not any longer. I’d like to think that I learn more and become a better dog trainer as the years go by, and now I see all around me new ways to train the dog (or any animal) to freely participate in and have control over “not so pleasant” procedures that need to be done. As the animals get a voice, the right to say “no” and to be listened to, things like nail trimming, ear cleaning, taking blood samples, vaccinations, and so on, become less stressful and the animal freely participates. It chooses to do so to get a reward. It’s in control.

Yes, I know this has been going on for a while. Sometimes my mind is sloooow on the uptake…But better late than never, right?

For those of you who have only a vague idea of what I’m talking about, here’s an explanation of what I want to train:

1. The Bucket Game

As explained by amazing Chirag Patel:

2. Start button behaviors

The podcast Drinking from the toilet is always worth listening to, here with two of my friends:

And if you have no patience, here’s the quick version:

Bucket game (my version, not exactly as described by Chirag)

  1. Teach a trick, like “put paw on hand” (or look at a bucket of treats)
  2. Add duration.
  3. Add distractions.
  4. Add touching paw, nails, pull on nails.
  5. Add do the same with a pen.
  6. Add do the same with nail clippers.
  7. Trim one nail.
  8. And so on.

The important thing is: she is free to remove her paw at any time, and that makes me stop. She is in control. If she doesn’t put her paw on my hand at all – we don’t play. Again – she gets to say when, and she gets to say “no”. It’s up to me to do this in small steps and make it rewarding.

Start button (again, my version)

  1. I show clippers – she looks at clippers – click – she gets a treat. We get a rhythm going.
  2. I interrupt the rhythm. She does something – anything. Clippers come out – click – treat. The behavior she chooses is her start button behavior. When she does that she tells me she is ready for the clippers.
  3. We build a chain. I put a treat on the floor. She looks at me > I put out my hand. She gives her paw > I pick up the clippers. Her paw stays put > I continue. She removes her paw > I stop.
  4. We build new chains for different procedures. Lift back paws, put head on chair (ear cleaning), put top of nose in my hand (check and brush teeth). And so on.

My spread looks like this:

We’ve come a bit further than this, I’ve started to pull on her nails a bit.

The training looks a bit like this, so far:

It’s really interesting to work with! For both of us, I think. I’ll keep you updated on our progress.



Today is a day with nothing planned. A day to reload my batteries, to restore my sanity. What do I do? Well…

I started my day with my camera and some slow photographing. A toy lens with manual focus only, to make me concentrate on color, shape, and composition. Some playing around in post-processing as I listened to the latest episode of “creepypodden”, a podcast with creepypasta. Relaxation. To take photos purely for the fun of it, and not for a client, is very relaxing to me.

Do you like it? It actually doesn’t matter, this is for me.

As an introvert, I need my alone time. My space. I like being around people, but it makes me exhausted from time to time.

So today I may – or may not – work on my new designs for my shop. I may – or may not – photograph new products. I may – or may not – watch “Sleepy Hollow” all day, and eat everything I can find in my fridge. Today, everything gets put on hold for one day.

Tomorrow I’ll be back. Fully charged and ready to go.

Think outside of the bowl!

Think outside of the bowl!

To make your dog’s life a little more interesting – why serve the food in a bowl? You can easily take a portion of the food and serve it in some more interesting ways! This stimulates your dog in a good way, and it gets to use its natural behaviors. This is nothing new, and most dog owners do this from time to time. But…imagination can run a bit short.

The idea to collect as many ways to serve dog food as possible came from one of the members of an FB-group I admin. All I’ve done is put all the great tips she got together, in a way that would work for me and my dogs! And I added the possibility to grade how much my dogs liked it (my guess is that they will think very differently about this!).

As I don’t want my dogs to have to work for everything (some things in life really should be free), my goal is to do this for one dog at a time, at every meal. As I have three dogs, that would ensure that two out of three meals are “just eat it”, and it also gives me the possibility to move the one dog from the rest of the dogs and let her/him work for the food in peace. Especially with my eldest I also have to watch carefully: does she enjoy this, or am I just being a pain in her behind? She already thinks eating is over-rated, so this project can either increase or decrease her appetite.

I’ll get back to you when this is all filled out, and share what I’ve learned!