Go where happiness leads you

Go where happiness leads you

Always when I write a blog post, I start to think about it long before I start to write. This time I wanted to write about how to prioritize and how to choose what to do when you have a lot to do. I wanted to write about how to divide your tasks into “urgent”, “important”, “quick-fix”, “just for fun”, “delegate” and “actually not important or even fun”. And more importantly about how we tend to spend our time doing the wrong things, in the wrong order!

And then it struck me.

This blog actually falls into the last category. It’s not important for my life, it’s not a source of income, and even though it USED to be fun, it’s lately been more of a “have to” than “want to”. Maybe Instagram has taken this blog’s place, and fulfill the need I had when I started it. Or maybe it’s because it’s winter and cold and dark and I hate that. Or maybe my life has just…changed. It’s supposed to do that, now and then 🙂

So, instead of a blog post, this is a “Goodbye for now”. A “So long”. A “See you”. Maybe I’ll start again when the time is right.

Go where happiness leads you. I know I will.


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