Setting goals – or not?

Setting goals – or not?

As you know I’m a “goal-setter”. That’s how I function best. BUT – I know that some people find that goals can add negative pressure and stress, and get upset if the goals are not met, and that’s not a good way to live your life (in my opinion)!

About a week ago I saw this great idea – instead of new years resolutions, or goals, a friend of mine made a Bingo för 2019! No pressure. No stress. Just things she wants to do during the year, big and small.

Of course, I had to make my own:

This is for my life in general and my work life. Some squares are dreams I want to happen, some squares are already booked, some squares are tasks to do.

If you want to make your own and are short for ideas, here are a few tips:

  • “Just do it”-things (like 20 times at the gym)
  • Dreams you want to work on (I want to be on a Swedish radio channel and talk about dog photography, not sure that will happen but I’ll try!)
  • Things you need to plan (I want to do a summer camp for dog trainers, but that won’t plan itself…)
  • Fun things (a weekend trip to Rome with my love)
  • Things you know will happen (just because it’s fun to have some “free squares”…)

What’s on your Bingo?

(And yes, that’s a new planner. A classic sized Happy Planner, the mini just was too small.)

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