Januari: all about planning for the future!

Januari: all about planning for the future!

1/1. The first day of a brand new year. This will be the year I get everything right the first time around!

Oh, wait…where’s the fun in that..?

Edit: this will be the year I try new things, learn from my mistakes, enjoy the process as much as the end goal, and embrace all my flaws.

Yep. Sound like a lot more fun. πŸ˜€

January is always a month of expectations for me, setting goals for the new year, starting new projects. I enjoy learning from last year and using that knowledge when I make new plans. 2019 I know I will have to structure my business in order to make a good living without working around the clock. Even if I enjoy what I do (hey, I photograph dogs for a living – it’s about as good as it gets), I still like to spend time on my multiple non-profit-projects – such as The Creative Kelpie, including this blog. That means that I will probably write a bit less about dog training, and a bit more about my business, and my life in general.

Starting with my Big Yellow Dailygreatness Business Planner. Yep, I got a pre-printed business planner, to help me sort out my business. And so far it’s been really hard, and I’m not halfway done, but at least I have things like a “business plan” and a “marketing strategy” now! Written down! Not just floating around inside my head!

See this! It’s a business plan! MY business plan! I feel like a real businesswoman, almost like a grown-up…

The reason it’s been hard is that it’s new to me. Even though I’ve had my business for almost ten years, it’s never been my main source of income. I’ve kept my books in order (with a little help) and I’ve spent the money as extra pocket money. I like to buy things. 

What I found out this fall was that I spent A LOT of time doing things that didn’t generate income. Fun things, but I need to change that. So now, I have business goals. Look!

And they’re useful too! And I know why I have them, and where they will lead!

And that’s the reason I got this pre-printed business planner – to get some help with the hard and boring stuff, the necessary stuff, the stuff I didn’t even know I needed. I mean dog training and plan my own life – I KNOW how to plan that. Business? Always room for improvement!

My business goals all got two actions each, and then I focus on three Big Ones for the next quarter. Everything is written down with the What, Why, How and When neatly in order. Even the How Much.

Every Sunday I will set some time aside to review the week and make plans for next week. This week has already begun!

Some help to prioritize to the left. A weekly overview to the right.

And daily tasks every morning of course.

Top three of this week, top three each day. No appointments all week, until the weekend. Nice! I’ll get LOADS of stuff done!

Alongside this, I have my much smaller and easy-to-grab Happy Planner. This week:

Today’s tasks are almost done!

January will be all about goals. Setting them, keeping them, and feeling good about them. Once a week: every Tuesday. Enjoy!

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