I got a tip from the FB-group, to show some really quick-to-do spreads. She called it Speed-BuJo, and I’m so stealing that name – it’s a great name. And a great idea!

One of the first thoughts in my head, when I started Bullet Journaling, was “I’ll NEVER find the time to do this!”. I saw all the fancy spreads that you find on Pinterest and Instagram. But then I watched Ryders movie, and it calmed me down a bit. I’ve listened to his book as well, it’s really good for someone like me who needs to focus on what’s important.

I mean, I LOVE doing fancy stuff! When I have the time. When I don’t, I don’t. My Bullet Journal is a tool to manage my life. That’s it.

So, I’ve put together some quick spreads to help you start the new year! The most time spent on a spread: 2 minutes. 

I’ve used an old Rhodia Goalbook, I just cut out the pages I had used for something else (that I never finished).
Overview of the year. Perfect for things that you already know will happen – like big competitions, vacations, vaccinations.
Two goal-pages. On the first, I write down my three top goals: my WHAT and my WHY. On the second, I make sure that my goals are SMART.

So far I’ve only used a black pen and a ruler, and if you’re better at keeping your hand steady than I am you may not even need a ruler.

Personally, I want a bit of color, so I used some highlighters on my next spread (takes about 10 seconds):

My big goals get divided into smaller parts. From my goals, I decide what we need to focus on during this year, both me and my dog. Again, I pick three big things that I want to work on in a lot of different ways.
Every month get an overview, a focus-area, and a to-do-list.

That little splash of color is very pleasing to my brain. When I want something even more pretty, stickers take about five seconds extra. 

To the left, my session review. When, where, what works and what needs training. Both me and my dog. Comments on the bottom. To the right, a “step-by-step” for a certain exercise. What’s the end goal, what steps do we need to complete to get there, and a date for every step.

There it is. The beginning of my Speed-BuJo! Steal, copy, and change to suit your needs.

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