2019 – harmony

2019 – harmony

2018 was a year of freedom for me. We moved, I quit my job, my husband started a new job, and I am currently in full control of what I do with my time. It has worked out very nice so far.

2019, I hope, will be a year to find harmony. To settle in, get working routines, know that I will get enough work and earn my living (that’s something that keeps me up at night sometimes…). To, even more, build a life that makes me jump happily out of bed in the morning.

During next year I will have my photography business in focus, and try to grow and expand in the direction I want to go. The Creative Kelpie, my little side project that gives me no money but a lot of fun, will stand aside a little. Maybe you’ll notice, maybe you won’t. Mostly, I think the change is in my head – Instead of feeling guilty that I don’t do all the things I planned, I will put them on hold for a bit. The result is the same, I just feel better about it 🙂

For this blog, I think I’ll work with monthly themes. My ambition is to keep blogging twice a week (more or less) and dig a little deeper in the different themes. Maybe.

January will be all about setting goals! That’s a pet subject that I work with in different ways, and I hope you will be inspired and motivated to pursue your own goals!

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