A little bit overwhelmed…

A little bit overwhelmed…

About a month ago I had an idea about a Dog Training Planner Pack, that would be really easy to use. Preprinted planning templates to put on the refrigerator (or wherever you see them), a small notebook to bring to training, a few good pens, some stickers for fun, and a binder to keep everything in one place.

So. What do you do when you get an idea? I just went with it…

I got an online store and spent a few days learning how it works.

I got a partner to buy necessary items from (luckily I have good credibility as a business, so they partnered with me even though I’m like really really small).

I invested, got the goods, and tested it. 

I took pictures and made a film.

And I posted the four finished packs in my FB-group, at an introduction price, to get some feedback.

It soon turned out that four was NOT enough! In 30 minutes I even sold my backup pack!

Some phone calls later, I got my hands on additional three and a half pack (the half pack only holds one notebook instead of two). Unfortunately not at the same super low cost, so I had to raise the price a little. I offered them to people who had shown interest, and boom – two more gone.

At this moment I have one full pack, and one pack missing one notebook left. This is what you get:

Monday, I get to ship the seven packs I made yesterday, to seven happy owners. It feels A-MA-ZING. It’s not the money (there will be none left, shipping is more expensive than I thought! I will get back what I put in, no more). It’s the fact that I had the courage to follow up on an idea, and it worked! HAPPYDANCE!

For now, my shop is out of stock on a lot of items. But there are some left, and I will order again on Monday – there will be new products at the end of the week. 

Do you want one of the two remaining packs? The complete one is in my shop right now: http://www.thecreativekelpie.com/product/planeringspaket-for-hundtraning-bas/

The second one is priced to 269:-, as it’s a notebook short (and shipping, 100:-). Contact me if you want that one – hello@thecreativekelpie.com.

Today I celebrate!



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