My “bring with me”-notebook

My “bring with me”-notebook

My BuJo is not as big as it could be, I keep it rather slim. But it’s still too big to bring when I go training – I’ve felt the need for a smaller and slimmer notebook for a while. To plan and take notes “on the go”, and then bring it into my bigger BuJo when I get home. That also takes away the pressure of doing things pretty – I’ll sort through it and rewrite it anyway.

I also need a notebook to bring with me when I give classes, to keep my planning in. You know, as I tend to get lost in the moment I need my notes to stay on track and teach what I’m supposed to be teaching, not what seems most interesting at the moment.

The one I settled for is a Moleskine cahier. I chose a large, as I need a little space, but in retrospect maybe a smaller one would work. I like the craftsmanship, the feel of it, and the sleek design.

I started by making it feel like mine, using a Tombow monotwin that looks perfect on the rough cover:

The paper is 70 g ivory, 5 mm dot grid. It feels smooth, and the pages are quite thin to make the notebook really slim. That means I have to be extra careful what pens I use, as I get some ghosting and even bleeding from the wrong pens.

So far, I’ve used Zig drawing pen 0,1 for all the writing – works like a charm with no ghosting. Zig clean color ghosts a little but doesn’t bleed (and I love, love, love the colors and the brush nibs!). As a highlighter, I’ve tried Staedtler textsurfer classic – they ghost a little but no bleeding.

This concept works well, as I can put it in my pocket it travels with me where I want to go. I know, I could bring my pink BuJo covered in stickers with me in my bag – but somehow I just don’t. 

It’s also an advantage for me to read my notes again and rewrite the important stuff, it helps my brain remember and work with my next training plan. I need some repetitions to actually get things…

I actually liked this idea so much, I decided to sell the items. You find them in my shop (sorry, I only ship to Sweden at the moment). Take a look!


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