Today is a day with nothing planned. A day to reload my batteries, to restore my sanity. What do I do? Well…

I started my day with my camera and some slow photographing. A toy lens with manual focus only, to make me concentrate on color, shape, and composition. Some playing around in post-processing as I listened to the latest episode of “creepypodden”, a podcast with creepypasta. Relaxation. To take photos purely for the fun of it, and not for a client, is very relaxing to me.

Do you like it? It actually doesn’t matter, this is for me.

As an introvert, I need my alone time. My space. I like being around people, but it makes me exhausted from time to time.

So today I may – or may not – work on my new designs for my shop. I may – or may not – photograph new products. I may – or may not – watch “Sleepy Hollow” all day, and eat everything I can find in my fridge. Today, everything gets put on hold for one day.

Tomorrow I’ll be back. Fully charged and ready to go.

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