Tuesday training

Tuesday training

I try to blog twice a week – Tuesday and Friday (well, give or take a day). Fridays will be kept “holy” for dog training planning, but Tuesday will be open for anything!

And today, “anything” is my new training BuJo. 

“Why a new planner, don’t you like your Filofax anymore?” I hear you ask. And I LOOOVE my Filofax! But. I soon found out that I want to keep all of my old plans and spreads, to be able to compare and use ideas again. And the poor Filofax got a bit…well, fat, actually. So this is the solution!

And what does it look like on the inside? Let’s see!

I took all my favorite spreads from my Filofax and redid them, just a little bit better. My measures every week, ad a quote to remind me to compare only with myself.

My weight journey, with reward stops.

I did a step tracker! I proudly stole the idea from Youtube. This is how far it is from Bag End to Lonely Mountain – the journey from Tolkiens “The Hobbit” that I read for the first time when I was eight and have loved ever since. Of course, someone did the math: they walked 1560 km. One square equals 7000 steps, and I count my steps as one meter (they’re actually more close to 1.20, but it was easier to count that way…) How long will the journey take me?

The September trackers. I really like them, and kept them as they were.

And the weekly. A simple one this time.

And there you have it – my self-care is back on track!

Oh, and another thing. You’ve noticed my new shop right here on this site, right? I put in two freebies for you, one in English and one in Swedish. Enjoy!

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