I made it!

I made it!

Yesterday I completed the last Out-n-out training session for week four! I have missed one session due to a sprained ancle, and that bugs me a bit, but I have trained – hard and drowning in sweat – three times every week for four weeks! 

And what a session…The task was to do a “Cooper-test”: how far can I get in 12 minutes? (1,39 km uphill, still not quite “average” but almost – see spread further down). On my way back it was downhill, so I thought “can i run all the way home withaout taking a walk-break?”. Turns out I could! 1 km, eight minutes, personal best EVER (yes, including my whole life!). I know, it’s not much compared to most people, but to me: VICTORY!

I’ve used the same spread for Out-n-out all four weeks:

Monday I get access to the sessions of the week to come, and write it down. I plan what days to do what session, and I decorate my spread. A lot. I’m absolutely positive that helps!

And then it’s up to me. 

21 days is passed – now I’m going for 90, to make this new exercise thing my friend for life!

As this seems to be something that stays in my life, I’ve made a new category for those who want quick access to everything about training: Bujo for training. And if you don’t – tough luck…My blog, my decisions šŸ˜‰

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