Puppy time!

Puppy time!

Around me, my friends are getting puppies. Cuddly, furry, fantastic beings with needle-sharp teeth and a “go get it”-attitude. Some of them has asked me about what to track, what to train, what’s important, so I made a Puppy Planner Pack!

First out is Basic – what you need (in my opinion) to keep track of stuff, and – most important of all – get to know your new buddy. Five basic templates, designed to be used over and over again as the puppy grows older.


How to use:

Use them as food for thought, or – if you want to support a hard working business woman – buy them in my store and print them.

This is the first of three Puppy Planner Packs. The next one will cover the foundation of puppy training to become a functional dog in our society, and the last one is for those of us who love to train our dogs.

Is there anything, in particular, you want me to cover in the next packs? Let me know!



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