Why all the stickers?

Why all the stickers?

The last month or so I’ve gone completely sticker-mad. I think it’s because it’s so hot right now, my mind is set on “low energy”. My brain just loves shapes and colors, and this way I can get that without more creativity involved than choosing the right sticker, peel it off, and put in in the right place. It’s a little bit like making a collage. I find extremely relaxing.

In order to suit summertime lazy days, I’ve changed my weekly design. It’s horizontal, three boxes each day, and the last three boxes are for the week’s projects.


  • I no longer have my hour schedule, and that is actually a bit of a problem that I will have to solve for next week.
  • It feels a bit…messy. Or maybe I just need to get used to this layout. 


  • My stickers fit perfectly.
  • the extra box gives room for whatever – memories, gratitude, quotes, pictures, doodles.
  • I use every last bit of the paper. Somehow that feels good.
  • I like the overall look.

I’ll just stick with it for a few weeks and make minor changes, and see where I end up!

Stickers have also made my self-care spreads easier. This is my fifth week of eating better and moving more, and it feels really good!

To plan dinners ahead of time instead of in the store makes it easier to choose healthy (or adjust the rest of the meals if I want to eat at McDonald’s). I looked at the statistics, and I have increased my steps with 1/3 since I started to track them. This week I added “veg of the day” (it can be a fruit), to start eating more greens. I also count my calorie intake, at that has stopped my evening snacks. I’m on my way to a healthier me!

My out’n out training gets a spread of its own. Three sessions every week with cardio or strength, during my dog walk. This is my third week going, and I’m starting to notice the change! It feels GOOD!

I discovered early that I more willingly look at a spread that is colorful and fun. That means that the stickers actually help me get things done!

My favorites are (and I get NO benefits from the companies for writing this):

Fitness stickers from Me & my big ideas

Planner basics from Me & my big ideas

This colorful life from Me & my big ideas

Natural history from Pepin

Weekly planner stickers 

And there are about a million others…

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