plans to start afresh

plans to start afresh

The date we leave our old house behind and start living full time in Freedom is getting closer. Every weekend we fill our trailer with furniture and other things and slowly move our whole life to Freedom. Sounds nice, right? Feels even better! 

In order to at least feel more organized, I’ve made some lists – projects we want to do in Freedom (both short term and long term), what to sort, pack, move, and unpack, and the cleaning of the old house. It makes it a little bit easier to be able to see my progress.

I did NOT get a brand new book for this – I use my Dingbats. The old pages are torn out (a good thing about Dingbats is perforated pages!). I kept my starting page, it still applies.
A blank space where I can continue my “projects”-list, and the packing list begin.
And when everything is moved, it’s time to clean. A lot.

Some of the projects need to get their own pages very soon – internet and TV for example – others, like my studio, are planned for maybe in two year’s time. But I like to write down whatever comes to mind! That way I won’t have to remember it all in my head, and I can always cross it out later.

Tomorrow morning you know where I’ll be…On my way to Freedom (with a trailer full of furniture)!

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