Out and out endurance – self care continuous

Out and out endurance – self care continuous

This is week three of my self-care investment. I’m proud of myself! 

As a reward and a kick to step it up, I joined Out and out endurance dog and training class. Not dog training – dog and training. Training me while out walking my dogs. Can it get any better?


Above: My setup for three weeks to come. Rörelseboken is about the dog’s anatomy and movements, to make sure that they get the exercise that’s right for them.

Below: This week. And a giraffe, because…well, I like giraffes! Oh, and fruit. I actually ate a banana today. I’m still alive.

My setup for the three training sessions recommended in Out and out. It’s Tuesday today, and I’ve been out running! For real! My dogs couldn’t believe it…And the stickers I’m currently obsessed with.

And last but not least I present to you…Proof! A picture from today’s run!

To be continued…

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