Goodbye June, welcome July!

Goodbye June, welcome July!

I sat this morning on the front porch with my coffee and my Bullet journal. The dogs were in the grass, resting. My husband still sleeping. A moment just for me.

I really enjoy my morning routine. I love to start my day by looking at what I need to do, updating my list, checking ahead. Making sure I don’t miss anything, that everything gets done in time. It’s a great start that gives me motivation and reduces stress.

Looking back at June, it has been a stressful month – the last weeks of school, buying one house and selling another, and the eldest dog got sick (she’s well now!). So I made a “goodbye June, welcome July” that included feelings I want to leave behind and replace with new feelings.

Kind of like an affirmation: repeat it and my brain starts to believe it. Out with the old, in with the new. Oh, and my theme for July is butterflies 🙂

I’ve started my planning for July. Social media got a tracker, to see how often I post. I’d like to post at least five times/week.

On my master task list is a lot of fun stuff, and on my feel-good list I have three portraits that I’ve wanted to paint like forever – one of each dog.

Some pep talk for being my own boss, and a plan for how to get money. Unfortunately, I still need to pay for food and things. And a view of the month. The focus for July is moving from one house to another, and rebuilding my websites to make them suit my needs even better.

And I’m doing the BohoBerry challenge in July! It’s all about creativity, lots of fun!

And I still love my pink Filofax…

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