30 days, 30 seconds, 30 distractions!

30 days, 30 seconds, 30 distractions!

Two weeks ago I started a focus challenge in my Swedish bullet journal for dog trainers-group. Or, as I prefer to call it, a staring contest. Teach your dog to keep focus in 30 seconds, with 30 different distractions, and you have 30 days to do it.

So far, we’ve had some fun with this! It’s easy. It’s simple. It doesn’t take much time. It makes me work with distractions in a creative way. 

After every session, I color a piece of the puzzle. O the right, the distractions we have tried and how many seconds she managed so far. Two distractions are really hard: Dad comes home when we train, and walking by the side of the main road. Walking up and down stairs, training inside the barn with the cats, and follow me when I back up, are also hard. Most other environments and distractions have been OK so far: dogs and people, toys and treats on the ground, stationary position or moving, she is naturally good at keeping focus.

But not as good as she will be in another two weeks!

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