Self care week

Self care week

I’ve done it! A whole week of self-care! I have eaten better, walked more, even worked out a little, and I got a new haircut and some really good hair products. I lost 0,6 kg. I feel great!

This is my setup:

First of all, I need to know my “why” and my “what. WHY do I want this, and WHAT do I need to do?

Next are my long-term goals. Where do I want to be in…2 weeks? 12 weeks? 20 weeks? I don’t know yet, I will figure out my next goal as I go along. I have tried to pinpoint what I need to change and made a tracker of my weight, of my bad habits that will turn to good habits, and a Tetris training game.  

So bad at eating healthy stuff…But it’s easier to make good choices if I write them down! That way my hungry brain (who tends to only think about sugar and fat) can be reminded that I actually have a choice. I made a plan for my training week as well, tracking my steps has been a winner that has got me off the couch a number of times! 

I really wanted to at least attempt to plan my meals. The success has been…well…at least better than normal. Tracking my calories has been really helpful and stopped some of my “evening snacking”! And that’s good enough to start 🙂 On the right side my training for next week, I want to add five sessions that are more than “just” walks. And an affirmation…

And my meal planner for next week. About the same, this week’s focus is mainly on planning my meals ahead of time (instead of eating when I’m totally starving).

The stickers have actually been a great help. They are fun to use and fun to look at, and they look like this:

I bought them at They were on sale. I had no choice…:D

Next blog post will be about dog training again, promise!



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