Bullet journal in a Filofax continued

Bullet journal in a Filofax continued

After trying my Filofax for a few weeks, I find myself adding little bits to it. It’s so practical!

for this week, I used a template and printed.

Next section is my master task list, that has moved out of its notebook and into here. super-easy to change places and just take out finished projects.

And also super-easy to add pages! This is the planning of my online dog parkour class (swedish). I needed some more space – I added an extra page.

In section nr 3 I keep my photography clients, and I have a diagram that makes sure I remember everything in my workflow.

Section 4: dog training! I’m going to try everything in one book! Let’s see how it goes…:D

My weekly plan

List of criteria for each thing I want to train

And today’s training.

Templates from my Creative Kelpie shop, Glädjeklick for Swedish and Etsy for English version.

When I have much to do and don’t want to think, I find that the printables are a life saver…When I designed them my mind actually worked! 🙂

I’ll keep you posted on how it works out, what I invent, what I change. And if I get bored…



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