Project: project!

Project: project!

As I mentioned in my last post, my brain likes to think in projects. For some time I have worked on the perfect layout (and will probably keep working on it), and I have a result!

First: I want to have all my business-related projects in one notebook. This one is business only, and that means KelpiePhoto, TheCreativeKelpie, and Kelpiestuds (my dog training school). They all work with different aspects of my business, and I keep them separated. But still together. (You see why I needed to think about how I want the layout? :D)

That means: yippie, new notebook! I chose a Dingbat. Why? Because I’ve never seen one IRL, and I was curious. The pages are perforated and easy to rip out. They are not numbered, so I can number the ones I want. It has a back pocket, a ribbon, and really nice off-white paper with 5mm dot grid. And most importantly: it has a whale on the cover. A whale!

In my index goes “big and important need-to-find”-stuff. Not every page. But the page before my index is way more important – it’s my reminder why I do what I do, and what I need to succeed.

Freedom. This whole year is about freedom. Quitting my day job to have more time for my business, moving to a new house, practicing with pen and paper and camera, blogging, filming, teaching, learning…It’s all about freedom. A never-ending journey.

Next comes my “someday maybe”-list. It’s still empty on paper, but not in my head. Will be updated 😉

And after that, my “any day”-list, and my “master project”-list. The master project list is where I keep track of my projects. They are color-coded, have a deadline if needed, and a page number – this is like a “project index”.

It continues on the next page, and whenever it’s full I’ll just make a new one. 

And then every project gets a page of its own, with tasks and deadlines and everything else. I have more projects going than these, but a little bit at a time! Currently, every project gets one page, and if they need more pages I’ll just add one on the next blank page and write the new page number next to the old one in the MPL. Simple.

The project task lists can be short, like above, or longer, like below.

So, you see? They are separated, but still together. Easy to see the big picture, and to move tasks from the projects I’m currently working on into my weekly and daily plan. Totally flexible, but still gives structure. 

What I may need is some sort of timeline, to see when I’m very busy and when I can squeeze in something new and exciting! But, maybe not. I’ll try this and see how it feels, and adapt as I go along.

And I guess all you dog owners already see the use of this system in dog training! Every behavior you want to train could be a project. Every trial could be a project. Every course or workshop. Projects FTW!

As for the Dingbats notebook: you can see for yourself that there is no ghosting with my mildliners and unipins. The paper is smooth and very nice to write on, no matter what pen. No feathering, no smudging (a bit depending on the pen, of course). The colors look beautiful. I’m very pleased!

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