I’m always trying to improve the way my Bullet Journal setup works, to help my brain stay focused. As I review my spreads it’s clear that I like to work with “projects” where I can easily see the big picture, instead of just making a planner. I have loads of projects going on, and I need to make sure I put my effort where it’s best needed (as I don’t have unlimited time…)

So, after giving it a lot of thought, I’m going to set up a new notebook just for projects. It will include (to start with):

  • “One day”-list (I will do this, but not right now)
  • “Someday maybe”-list (Interesting idea, let’s give it some time)
  • Master project plan (list of projects)
  • Project pages with task lists and timelines.

 That way I hope I can easily see what I need to focus on, when I have my deadlines, and what I don’t have to do right now. I think (hope?) it will make it easier for me to prioritize and work effectively with the right things. When I plan my week in my planner-BuJo I can easily see what need to be done when, and make my weekly and daily task lists with that in mind.

Just another way to make sure nothing falls through the cracks in my mind and everything gets done on time with as little effort as possible,

And…it gave me an opportunity to order a new notebook! Maybe, just maybe, this whole idea is just a way to get an excuse to shop. Let’s see where it leads!

And to make this blog post a bit more fun: here’s a puppypic!


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