Keep it simple!

Keep it simple!

These past months I have been lucky enough to have been invited to talk about planning, setting goals, and Bullet Journaling. It’s been so much fun meeting interested people, and to get payed to talk about stuff I am passionate about? A dream come true 🙂

Something I often encounter, both in real life but even more online, is that people find themselves putting more time on planning, writing and drawing than actually training their dog. Is that a problem? If you have lots of time and like to draw and plan more than you like to train your dog or do other stuff – no. Of course not. But: if you feel that you are reluctant to pick up your BuJo because it will take forever to make something, or feel the pressure to do perfect stuff, then yes. It actually is a problem.

I started my BuJo as a help for my everyday life, to get structure and just get things done. I quickly saw the benefits for dog training, and started experimenting with that. And lately I have added an Art Journal (it’s actually still empty…) The main reason for my BuJoing is that it’s a fantastic planning tool. It helps me.

One of the big reasons why it works so well for me, is the simplicity and the adaptability. I do what I need, when I need it. If I have the time and want to doodle – I doodle. If not – I don’t. It’s MY planner, MY life, and I can do whatever I want!

So when I get caught up in thinking “I need it to be pretty, I don’t have the time…” I say to my self:


I don’t mean the rockband, or that I should kiss my dog (nice), or the swedish word (it means “pee” in swedish). I mean


And that helps! It helps in a lot of different areas of my life. Just…keep it simple. And yes, I get to call myself stupid when I act stupid.

My BuJo is a reflection of my life. Let me show you a few different weekly layouts, I think you will see what I mean:

Not a lot of time. Some lines and a strip of washi. I missed my daily schedule, so I changed the layout.

Bored. This one took me an hour, the drawing most of the time (the photo doesn’t make it justice).

No time, but found a layout that really worked well. Time to make the spread: 5 minutes.

Refined it a bit. Really like this one. Solved the space-problem with an extra to-do list. Some stickers are always nice. Time to make: 15 minutes.

Next week, same layout. Easier this time as I just copied everything. Time to make: 10 minutes.

Simple. What I need – no more, no less. Works really well for now.

Maybe next week I’ll have different needs, or just get bored, or want to make something big and elaborate, and if I do I just change it. 

More simple stuff: my plan for April. Not May, as I wrote at first (as you can see…). What do I need? A master plan list and a day-by-day overview. I even had room for a quote and some stickers!

Maybe that’s something to remember? When you get stuck, think KISS. Or maybe just KIS, if you want to be even nicer to yourself 😉 Keep. It. Simple.

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