Reference photos

Reference photos

As you know I love to doodle and draw. And I seem to have some eye-hand coordination, and some feel for making it look good.

What I DON’T have is a photographic memory. I need reference photos. I don’t always follow them perfectly, but I need them.

This photo is the reference I used to make this spread (next week):

Reference photos are great! If you can’t draw – trace! Use a window or your phone as the light source. It’s such an easy way to add something pretty to your BuJo.

Now, I like to use my own photos. Why? well, it’s my dogs, my babies. It’s my environment that I see every day. And it’s my original work, no one else will have the same image!

But I can’t photograph my dog…I actully have a good camera, but I don’t really know how to use it…And anyway my dog just leaves!

You know what? I can help you with that.

Can you? Let me put my ear up to really hear this!

Not ALL of you, sorry, but those who speak Swedish!

26/3 I start my online-course in dog photography. It’s the fourth time I give it, and I have seen such progress in the other three classes! Students going from “Where do I turn this on?” to “This looks fantastic, I’m putting it on my wall!”.

Imagine…You can finally use your own photos as reference photos for your illustrations. Or maybe print the photos and put them in your memory section? Portraits of your dogs on your phone, computer, wall. Sounds good?

And I have a bonus! Join before Monday, and you get an editing course for Lightroom for free!

Where was that course again…? Can’t seem to really…sniff it out…

Four lessons. You learn about light, portrait, settings, action, how to get your dog to cooperate, and much more. Personal feedback on your photos in a closed FB-group. Answers to all your questions.

This will be fun for both you and your dog! And you know, that camera was kind of expensive, right? Isn’t it a shame not to use it…?


And if you want to see some of my work, visit


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