Dreamgoal, realistic goal, safety goal…

Dreamgoal, realistic goal, safety goal…

So. Competition in four days. I am just recovering from The Flu From Hell, and my body is tired and the cold weather makes me cough. My beautiful plans to keep working endurance to get Her Majesty to shut up are still just plans. And to top it off it’s snowing like crazy right now! Snow = no training outside.

In times like this, I’m glad I have a safety goal!

Dream goal: everything works, and we do our best session ever, win our class, and are ready for class 2.

Realistic goal (at least it seemed realistic until last week): We do a solid program. Maybe not our best work, maybe a little whine here and a few steps there, but all in all we do the exercises more or less the way they are meant to be.

Safety goal (this is where we are right now): we start. That’s it. The goal is to get there, prepare for the competition, get the mood right, and start as well prepared as possible. Everything that comes after that is a bonus.

All the training we did during our obedience boot-camp is still made. We have improved every exercise, and we have had fun doing it. Nothing is wasted – there is always another competition!

So, that’s my goal for this Sunday: show up, do the best we can, give my dog a memory that will make her long for next time, and give the audience a glimpse of two individuals that enjoy training together and have fun together.

Next time I’ll be able to follow my plan, next time there won’t be any snow, and you know what? We will be even better prepared because of the work we have already done! 

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