Boot-camp week 7, 14 days until competition!

Boot-camp week 7, 14 days until competition!

So. 14 days left – and I’m ill again. Seriously, what’s wrong with me this winter! My immune system seems to have left the building…

Anyway, last week was all about making small behavior chains, and start to build up endurance. We had FUN! The Princess very loudly told me that she was supposed to get a toy RIGHT NOW, and I did not obey Her Majesty…We had two days of loud whining, and then she accepted her faith and started to quiet down. The toy is given to SILENT dogs.

The hard thing about her, in my opinion, is to find that balance between energy and calm. I want her to be explosive and energetic in the exercises, but if I get too much there are a lot of sound effects – and that’s a no-no in obedience. I’m well aware that she will whine during the competition as well, and it doesn’t bother me much, but it’s interesting to think about and try to train in a way that finds that sweet spot in her energy.

This week, she had a lot of sound in the “lie down during march”-exercise. She started as I circled her, and the last “sit up” had almost a scream attached to it. Why? That one’s easy…She knew she would get her reward within seconds, and she just wanted that reward so much, because that exercise is so hard for her. My solution was to do the same exercise three, four times in a row before the reward. That worked fine, as she couldn’t anticipate exactly when the reward would come, she became quieter. 

To be too predictable in my rewards is one of my weaknesses as a trainer and something I have to work with when I train this type of dog. With other dogs that may not be an issue, but with her it is. I love that about dog training – always more to learn! (A LOT more…;) )

This week we will, if my fever goes down, work on the program as a whole:

I’ve written down some tasks I want to do:

  • Record my voice as I direct the program, and train according to those directions
  • Train with someone else (a training date)
  • Add one exercise at a time before reward
  • Backchain the whole program
  • Special training the square
  • Special training stand still
  • Random rewards
  • Run through the whole program as on competition

I like making task lists in my training. Doing the tasks will ensure that the end result gets better, and I’m the one in control if the tasks get done or not. 


Sorry, this workbook only exists in Swedish, so I’ll change language.


När jag började tävla hade jag noll koll på vad som egentligen krävdes. Visst, jag visste hur det gick till och hade tränat in momnten, men för att tävla framgångsrikt behövs lite mer än så!

Tack och lov så har jag lärt mig massor sedan dess. Arbetsbok för startklass innehåller de planeringsmallar som jag själv hade behövt när jag startade min tävlingskarriär. Här ingår mallar för:

  • Grundfärdigheter
  • Kriterieplaner för varje moment
  • Tävlingsbelöningar
  • Tävlingsträning
  • Nulägesanalys
  • Momentanalys
  • Träningstracker
  • Förberedelserutiner
  • Målsättning tävling
  • Kom ihåg-lista
  • Att tänka på
  • Utvärdering

Allt är tydligt, okomplicerat, enkelt att använda – och det ger resultat!

Du hittar arbetsboken HÄR! 


Mer nyfiken? Se hur de olika mallarna samverkar :


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