Vacation and back to boot-camp

Vacation and back to boot-camp

Just home from a week at Fuerteventura, I blog about my trip on Kelpiephoto and you will see some inspired artwork here in a near future 🙂

While I was away, my to bigger dogs stayed with my parents and lived a life of luxury. Midori, who requires a bit more…active “hotel”, stayed at a dog training friend of mine and her two dogs. She has had a terrific time playing with her new friends! Unfortunately, my friend got the flu and the planned boot-camp training was canceled.

That means that this week will be repetition and mini-chains with emphasis on retrieving and distance work. My setup is a big tracker, it looks like this:

On the top, each exercise has a color (today I chose my new zebra mildliners, they are beautiful!). On the left all the days starting with today, and columns for training chains, competition like, other places, and distractions.

20 days to go until competition! 


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