Boot camp week 5!

Boot camp week 5!

This week is dedicated to two exercises we have problems with: lie down during a march and stand during a march. Both exercises are similar: We start walking in heel position. On my cue she either drops to a lie-down or stops in a stand. She then holds that position as I continue about ten meters, turn towards her, marches back, passes her on her left side, urns behind her, and stops at her right side. The problem is not taking the position, it’s to hold it…

So I have some different approaches to the problem, to teach her the value of not moving a muscle. Because I want her to think it’s worth the effort, I want her to think “YES! I know what to do!” At the moment she is more like “Maybe this? I’m not sure? Don’t you want me to follow you, that’s what I normally do?”

The lie-down is easier, maybe because it’s more obvious if she lies down or not. The focus here is repeating the cue if necessary, start chining it to other exercises, train in different places, and train it harder than it has to be. And I want to use a mirror, to see if she is sniffing the ground as I have my back to her (that means I need to work on “focus on my back”).

Exercises for standing:

  • Inside, stand still while I go around her
  • Outside, the same thing
  • Hold a toy in my hand for her to focus on 
  • Hold a treat in my hand for her to focus on
  • Put a toy in front of her for her to focus on
  • Different places
  • Recorded voice tells us what to do when
  • Add distractions

I want her to be VERY successful, at least 90%, to build her confidence. The tracker is about how many times we train each of these things, and I want it to be nearly full on Sunday.

It feels really good to have thought this through! We have a problem – we have a plan! She may not do the exercises perfectly at the competition, but at least they will be a LOT better than they are today!

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