What happens to my plans when I’m sick…

What happens to my plans when I’m sick…

Last week I was down and out with a cold. I’m still not well, but a lot better.

That means that my beautiful plans for last week look like this:

(“Sjuk” means “sick”.) So…NOTHING DONE! Not one recall. Not one jump. PANIC! Or…?

Of course not! Hey, I can always make a new plan! So now I know I need to work on both recalls and jumps, as well as this week’s exercises. Not a problem!

This week, (starting today as this is my first fever-free day), it’s about leaving me. The square and the cone. 


On top is the “mantra”, one square every day. To us, running to the square made of four cones from a distance of 15 meters, top inside the square, and lay down on cue, has ONE big difficulty: run far enough! Midori knows exactly where the square is, and tend to stop too early. So…ALL rewards will come flying through the air over her head as she RUNS THROUGH that square. We will try out different angles to make her more sure of herself. And maybe three or four squares on a row, keep running until I say something? Worth a try!

The cone is easier. We will work with distance (longer than necessary) and angle (find the RIGHT ONE!). 

Both these exercises are explosive running exercises. That means that we are in the danger zone for sound…whining, barking, all of it is a no-no in competitions.

I’ll try to film the exercises we have worked with so far, update next week!

So what have I been doing instead of training?

Well…Netflix is a thing, you know…And I have put a little extra effort into this week’s layout in my BuJo! I’m really pleased with this:

So…you really don’t have to pity me…:D


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