Obedience boot-camp week three

Obedience boot-camp week three

Last week was a good week in training! I did an evaluation at the same time as I planned this week. Focus this week is recall and jump!

Both of the exercises this week are things she does well, at least nowadays. That means my focus is on making them even better by adding difficulties. Increase distance and waiting time, add environmental disturbances, train them together with other exercises. That way they will seem really easy when we compete. Or at least, that is my intention 🙂

Last week I also started to make a few short chains, and use only rewards that I will be able to use during the competition. I want my social rewards to be really rewarding to her, and I put a little extra effort into conditioning praise, handclapping, and jumping around a bit (not too much). We also train to instantly calm down and find her position and focus again. It’s working out really well!

Today it’s winter and I’ve got a cold from hell…That means no training (the Princess is NOT pleased). Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow, and the snow will be gone.

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