Schedule your day

Schedule your day

One thing that has really helped me get things done, is my morning routine.

My mornings look like this (when I work from home): Wake up, coffee, check social media, walk the dogs, feed the cats, feed the dogs, renew my coffee, open my phone, open my BuJo.

Now, every Sunday I make my daily spreads for the week to come. It usually looks something like this, more or less pretty.

Every day has a timeline to the left, and tasks to the right. Sunday evening I check my google calendar and my future log – and fill in appointments and tasks for different days.

So every morning, I already have my daily spread, I check my google calendar again because that’s where I ALWAYS put my appointments to easily see them wherever I am, and I check my task list on my phone – again, that’s where I write down stuff that I randomly think about because if I don’t do that right away I will forget them. I write down additional events and/or tasks if there are any.

Now I know exactly what I need to do during the day. My list can be long or short.

Here comes the magic part: I then estimate how long each task will take, and make a schedule for myself. You know, like you had in school! That gives me two things:

  1. I can clearly see if I have too many tasks that day and can migrate some of them – not at the end of the day when my time is up, but at the beginning when I can choose and prioritize.
  2. I choose in which order to do things. Events are events and happen at a certain time, but mostly I am the queen of my own time. I know for a fact that I work the best early in the day – so I start with tasks that are important, or boring but needs to be done, like creating course-material, or bookkeeping. It always feels good when that’s out of the way! Then I move on to things that I actually want to do, like drawing or writing.

Before I did this I could put three hours on editing photos that weren’t due until two weeks later, and that in turn meant I did NOT have the time to write a lecture due for tomorrow…Or I had way too many tasks in a day and felt stressed because I couldn’t do them all. Or I got stuck in social media for two hours because I couldn’t choose what to do next.

I promise this is something that will help you. Try tomorrow!

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