Boot-camp first week: heelwork

Boot-camp first week: heelwork

And we are ON!

Last Saturday I met a friend of mine, Emma, who is now my Competition Coach. It was very clear what we need to work on long-term, and what actually just need a bit of touch-up.

Week one is “love the left side”-week. Heelwork! Position and endurance in starts, stops, turns, and changes in tempo. I want her to love that left side, have a good sense of position, and be able to find that position fast again if she loses it. I want her to be able to keep that position for at least two minutes and ignore everything around us. A lot to train in other words!

This is my setup:

All the details one by one, to make sure I don’t miss anything. After the session, I evaluate from 1-10 what I think that detail would score in a competition. And there is a tracker for endurance, to measure how long she can work with full focus. Every day I will write a short comment, evaluate and plan for next day.

In addition to this, we train the things that need a bit more time: sending to the square, and stop-stand-stay during march (the stop – stand works fine, but the stay-part…so hard for a small kelpie who just wants to move!). The main focus is on building a good understanding and value for the task. Like “standing still is the best thing EVER!”. Baby steps…:D

This week is also extra focus on entering a new arena with confidence and concentration, and what to do between the exercises (hint: NOT run to the judge and say hi!).

I’m happy to see that the playful training we did last year during walks seems to have paid off, her position is better in the right turns than ever before. Good dog!

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