Obedience boot-camp

Obedience boot-camp

Right now, competing feels fun again. So I signed up for two trials, one in obedience class one, and one in rally-obedience master class. As you all know, just signing up won’t get the job done…What to do? Obedience boot-camp!

With nine weeks to go, I made an eight-week program to myself. This first week we have just tried the different exercises that we need to show. All the basics still work, but we have some details to work on and we need to work on FOCUS and ENDURANCE.

Right now, we are training in the stable. That is where the cats live…talk about hard to focus! On me, that is. Easy to focus on cats everywhere. But it’s getting better!

Monday my boot-camp will start, and it looks like this:

I have listed all the exercises and how important they are for my endpoints. I have divided them into separate weeks, two every week (sometimes three). That means that I will train other things as well, but focus on those exercises. On the right side, I made a list of how they all are today: good things and need-to-work-on things.

Every week gets a page of its own:

Just some blank space to fill with that week’s training.

Monday we start! Heelwork, entering the arena, and what to do between exercises. We both look forward to it!


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